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Seterus Package **** LBPS 3rd Party Authorization Form FAX# Imaging Department. NEW number: Short. Bank of America Short Sale Application Package – 1st Mortgage .. Link to Short Sale Package: ; Address: PO Box. Seterus lender information. Seterus quotes 45 days to complete a short sale. Manually fax the short sale package, wait for documents to be uploaded (

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There may be multiple assistance options available to you if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage.

Submit a Contract — Participating Mortgage Servicers

And the day that the lender approved the sale, our buyer walked! Compared to other lenders, escalations will likely not be necessary; however, Seterus allows escalation requests if no response has been received in 72 hours:. It took us just over a week for us to get another buyer lined up: Help the seller assemble the necessary documentation.

Negotiator reviews and responds to offer days After agreement on terms, negotiator submits for final approval to Investor days Investor issues approval letter Lender assigns Closer. In the mortgage industry, hardship is defined as the reason why a homeowner is having difficulty making his or her mortgage payments, such as job loss, medical emergency, illness, divorce, etc.

I don’t need another 3rd party co to come between me and the lender. Seterus short sale Started by Nadia Scheffers. Started by Evelyn Blanks Apr 6, He was dealing with kidney failure and diabetes, and he had been forced to give up his job. Both Processors and Negotiators communicate through secure email. Seterus quotes 45 days to complete a short sale. This number varies depending on how quickly the parties respond to requests: Skip the Processing phase: Harold, from Everett, WA.


By contacting us and providing some basic information, we are able to help determine what options may be available for you. Also, they do not require a financial worksheet other than the Form Can anyone tell me if Seterus use Equator? At Ark Law Group, we know that being in debt is about so much more than just numbers.

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Several debilitating health conditions meant that he was no longer able to work. Where do I get the Seterus short sale package. Be sure to be as accurate as possible, as this is the information that we will use to evaluate your request.

Seterus (LBPS) – Short Sale Superstars

Harold and his wife wanted to avoid foreclosure. Fannie Mae has decided that they want all short sale offers submitted directly through their portal. Just a crossing of communication. The challenges he was facing Harold and has wife had only one mortgage on their Everett home, and they had been working at paying down their mortgage.

But we worked with him, making sure that he understood what he needed to provide, and helped him come up with everything that Seterus would require to review the file. Doing your own short sale? For a free, no-obligation consultation, tell us about your situation or call us directly at I spoke to them yesterday and they directed to me to their website – but for some… Continue.

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Less than two weeks later, we had the new approval letter in hand, and were ready psckage close the sale! They wrote to their lender, Seterus, to request a short sale. Please check your browser settings seteru contact your system administrator.

As we review your request, we may find that additional supporting documentation is needed. We are here first to listen – because we know that everyone’s situation is different. Click the button to hire a Short Sale Agent Superstar in your area. Complete Guide to Short Sales. Really important to read this, as Fannie Mae is We had worked on with all parties for five weeks, to negotiate the fine seterux of the deal, such as the final sales price and how much was to be allowed for closing costs.