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SARAH KANE PSYCHOSIS. 2. Psychosis was first performed at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs,. London, on 23 June The cast was . 19 May The play Psychosis is a bleak, often angry examination of clinical depression and suicidal ideation. The playwright, Sarah Kane, was a key. Sarah Kane’s Psychosis was completed a few months before she killed The title of Sarah Kane’s last play refers to this specific time before dawn when.

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No one wanted to rush: Just before she left, Kane let slip that she psyvhosis working on a new script: Stage productions of the play vary greatly, therefore, with between one and several actors in performance; the original production featured three actors.

Take an overdose, slash my wrists then hang myself. What do you offer your friends to make them so supportive? But how on earth to stage it? A critically acclaimed adaptation of the play, as translated into Polish with English language surtitleswas performed at the Edinburgh International Festival by the Polish theatre company TR Warszawa. Because I can’t find you.

All those things together? She was gauging my reaction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Plays by Sarah Kane plays. Other themes that run throughout the script, in addition to depression, are those of isolation, dependency, relationships, and love.

4.48 Psychosis Quotes

There he found an envelope containing a note and a script. But I do like you. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.


Psychosis – Wikipedia

Should we finally let some things go? For six weeks in late springthey hunkered down at the Royal Court rehearsal rooms, trying to find answers. If Kane is not exactly part of the establishment — the thought would probably have amused and horrified her — she is now a canonical figure, celebrated in many countries worldwide. By the time 4. One revival even featured an actor who, with her boyish features and close-cropped hair, looked unnervingly like Kane herself: Rather than claiming that it tries to cover depression as a whole, it might be fairer on the text to say that it is a very subjective presentation of depression, giving the audience an insight into one particular case or perhaps providing specifics on several individual cases.

Psychosis Quotes by Sarah Kane

Certain images are repeated within the script, particularly that of “hatch opens, stark 4.488 a repeated motif in the play is ” serial sevens ” which involves counting down from one hundred by sevens, a bedside test often used by psychiatrists to test for loss of concentration or memory. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He has resisted talking publicly in detail about 4. I’d been sitting in the fucking waiting room for half an hour. We howled and howled with laughter. Retrieved 28 May Owing to its psychossis, productions of the play differ vastly in their staging, casting and design.

The text contains not a single speech cue, and barely any stage directions. Everyone was in mourning.


‘The strange thing is we howled with laughter’: Sarah Kane’s enigmatic last play

Do you feel nothing? Fuck you for rejecting me by never being there, fuck you for making me feel like shit about myself, fuck you sqrah bleeding the fucking love and life out of me, fuck my father for fucking up my life for good and fuck my mother for not leaving him, but most of all, fuck you God for making me love a person who does not exist.

It felt like we had a osychosis to give breath and life to this amazing thing that Sarah had created. While Blasted and Cleansed and Crave have long been acknowledged for the radical theatrical masterpieces they are, 4.

Its language varies between the naturalistic and the highly abstract or poetic, an extension of the style which Kane had developed in Crave oane, where she had begun significantly to marry form and content. What do you offer?

The play is played by a person with clinical depressiona disorder from which Kane suffered. But Sarah did kill herself, and she was writing a play about what it feels like to be suicidally depressed.