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Even though everyone is talking about it, there is no concept in business today more muddled than ‘strategy’. Richard Rumelt, described by McKinsey Quarterly . Citation: Richard P. Rumelt, () “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The The role of CSR in business strategy: Maintaining competitive advantage with a. This summer, Richard Rumelt authored a book called “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters.” As you might expect the title alone.

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This book presents us with a challenge: People do amazing things with common tools. These articles alternatively argue that the US needs to embrace complexity, focus on the homefront, rebalance to face rising peer competitors, brace for multiple challenges, to focus on a handful of known challenges, or to focus on domestic issues before starting on new foreign policy crusades.

Many of these forms of bad strategy do nothing more richaard avoid the hard choices that come from living in a world of constraints. These three components correspond to why, what, and how; closing the circle of strategy work. This is where the fluff will get flattened, and you can move forward to create a diagnosis that does more than explain the situation, but also defines the domain of action.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy | The Difference and Why It Matters

This way, you can appreciate its ideas at least as far as Part 1 goes. For something that might help you as a manager to deal with the issues raised in the book, I would recommend “The Four Disciplines of Execution.


Nevertheless, this book is the pot calling the kettle black in terms of what the author calls “fluff. Nevertheless, it’s a good book for everyone dealing with planning and strategy in their job and, dare I Richard Rumelt may come across as an arrogant sob, but he’s a very smart one. Chad Logan, a random prospective small business client of Rumelt’s, must be icing down from the sick burns.

Bad strategy work is so proliferated that I have been swept away with the current without noticing. The examples are interesting to read, but they don’t feel like they come to a very sharp point.

Book review: “Good Strategy. Bad Strategy” – MAA1 – Medium

Good strategy isn’t just what you are trying to do; it’s also why and how you are doing it. The final element is this one of actions, of devising a coordinated set riichard actions or steps that work together to achieve the policy.

Mar 30, Javier Recuenco sstrategy it it was amazing. Good Strategy Bad Strategy is a treatise on clear thinking. I had a lot to learn from this book, out of which I think the most important thing that stuck was to eliminate the fluff.

Recent Developments: Our Take on Richard Rumelt’s “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy”

Wish I had read this earlier! Though the central themes dominate the stratwgy, the reader is allowed to examine the stories and come up with their own ideas.

Return to Book Page. Rumelt,Profile Books Rumelt says… What was so great about this book? Grand Strategy, Foreign Affairs, www. Jan 13, Andy rated it liked it.


Keeping with one of the themes of the book – that strategy is hard work – he argues one of the main impediments to action is the belief that certain painful choices or actions can be avoided, and that all priorities can be accommodated.

Part 3 Thinking Like a Strategist seemed richarrd from the rest. Apr 27, Leanne Ritchie rated it really liked it. Refresh and try again. Its two main contributions are a clear and rigorous approach to good strategy, which almost everyone can gain from, and a vigorous analysis of errors in strategic thinking that gets right to the heart of why there is so much bad strategy out rochard.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters. By Richard Rumelt

Rumelt states that there are three key elements that make up good strategy:. Oct 09, Wang Jiao rated it did not like it. It is very empty, lack of concrete content, just examples piled up with abstract words.

A good primer for strategy. These aspects are treated as support layers instead. Rumelt suggests that the underlying factor contributing to bad strategy is lack of commitment to the hard work.

This is probably the most the most enlightening book I’ve read in the last 5 years.