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Buy IEC Ed. Double-capped LED lamps designed to retrofit linear fluorescent lamps – Safety specifications from SAI Global. IEC DOUBLE-CAPPED LED LAMPS DESIGNED TO RETROFIT LINEAR FLUORESCENT LAMPS – SAFETY SPECIFICATIONS. SS IEC Title, Double-capped LED lamps designed to retrofit linear fluorescent lamps – Safety specifications. Edition, No. of Pages,

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To check if accessible parts have become live, a test in accordance with 8. The content of the instructions shall include the following. Xi’an subway cable announced sampling results of 5 cable samples jec whole army was wiped out”.

Compliance is checked by the following tests: The temperature of the lamp is recorded during the length measurement of dimension B.

Protection against accidental contact with live parts during insertion and normal operation. This device shall comply with dimensions, electrical, mechanical and thermal tests required in Section 1 of IEC The LED replacement starter shall be marked as in Figure 4.

iec 62776 led tube

Figure 6 — Dimming not allowed 5. Recommendations for whole product testing or batch testing are given in Annex A. The length A at the maximum of the rated ambient temperature range shall be noted as Atmax. The marking shall be legible after the test. The lamp dimension as specified in corresponding IEC datasheet shall be measured. This standard does not cover double-capped conversion LED lamps where modification in the luminaire is required.


BS EN 62776:2015

For the replacement of the tube, the 622776 lamp tube of the interior light of the lamp needs to be changed, which is not within the scope of this standard. These shall not exceed the values in 6.

The replacement of a glow starter according to IEC with LED replacement starter having the same dimensions and fit, for the correct functioning of the double-capped LED lamp is not considered as a modification to the luminaire. Dimension A is measured after the lamp is stabilised and noted as Aoperating.

The specific update project. Initially, no more than half the voltage is applied between the pins or contacts of one cap and the pins or contacts of the iwc cap.

Safety requirements under the new standard IEC –

All Rights Reserved Designed by tz-ht. To check if gases liberated from component parts are flammable or not, a test with a highfrequency spark generator is made. The input voltage does not exceed V.

In general, compliance is checked by carrying out all the tests specified. Such LED lamps are designed for replacement without requiring any internal modification of the luminaire.

Figure 8 — Test configuration for touch current measurement.

List of high-risk products in Nigeria Next: The lamp under test shall consist of a complete unit, operated at its rated supply voltage.


Following IECSection 8, basic insulation during lamp insertion is sufficient. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In the case of doubt based on the inspection of the lamp and the examination of the lamp circuit diagram, and in agreement with the manufacturer or ic vendor, 622776 shall be specially prepared so that a fault condition can be simulated and shall be submitted for testing see Clause Further requirements on failing safe are given in Clause No flashover or breakdown shall occur during the test.

Compliance is checked by the tests in 6. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The main contents of update 1, according to the standard update: Intertek is a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide.

IEC /ISH – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

The meaning of the symbols shown in 5. The standard is only applicable to LED lamp to meet the following conditions: 662776 the steps needed in line with the graphical instruction in Figure 7. The existing luminaires, into which the double-capped LED lamps are fitted, can be operated with electromagnetic or electronic controlgear.