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2 Jan The Guhyagarbha Tantra – Secret Essence Definitive Nature Just As It Is — by Longchenpa. This Secret Essence Tantra is the most advanced. Guhyagarbha Tantra (Skt.; Tib. རྒྱུད་གསང་བ་སྙིང་པོ་, Gyü Sangwé Nyingpo; Wyl. rgyud gsang ba’i snying po), The Essence of Secrets Tantra is the main. The Guhyagarbha Tantra which is the primary source describing this maṇçala is a highly influential text within the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Still, some may be interested in the Guhyagarbha -related material that is to be found in the Dunhuang collections. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Tanfra your comment here Pointing-out instruction Samaya Vajracharya. The author includes gihyagarbha explanations of the peaceful and wrathful mandalas as well as practical instructions needed to attain the four states of vidyadharahood.

Articles containing Tibetan-language text Pages using citations with format and no URL All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Practices Generation stage Completion stage Phowa Tantric techniques: Eight ‘Tramen’ amalgamated deities 8 4. Pursuit Buddhahood Bodhisattva Kalachakra.

Guhyagarbha tantra – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

Notify me of new posts via email. History Tantrism Mahasiddha Sahaja. The remaining pages of txntra Sanskrit manuscript are in my hands. Eight Yoginis 8 3.

And yet, ever since buhyagarbha 11th century, when certain partisans of the new translations questioned the authenticity of the Guhyagarbha tantraits status became a disputed issue in Tibet. The scroll is, as I mentioned previously, probably notes from the teachings of an Indian guru who passed through Dunhuang on his way to China. More in this category: Most of the pages of the manuscript were damaged.


Traditionally higher tantras require an empowerment and transmission from a qualified guru or lama before they can be studied and practiced, and were therefore not usually discussed publicly.

Tibetan Literary Culture and History. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

However, it is dated to the very end of the 10th century, so this tells us little about the existence of the tantra in Tibet prior to this time. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Subject: Guhyagarbha Tantra (Peaceful & Wrathful Deities)

So the authenticity of the Guhyagarbha tantra seems to be rather a non-issue, despite all the polemical activity devoted to the question over the centuries in Tibet. The ‘Terton’ Karma Lingpa, in the 14th century, is credited with the discovery of the ‘treasure text’ known as the Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardoa text intended to be read to the deceased with the wish to influence positively the subsequent rebirth.

Inner Tantras Outer Tantras Thought forms and visualisation: Images A 9th century wall painting of Vajrasattva from Dunhuang Cave In the Nyingma Tradition the Guhyagarbha Tantra 8th to 10th century is considered the most important of all Tantras.


Thus something of the Guhyagarbha tantra is there in the manuscripts, but it has a lesser presence than one might expect given its importance in the later Nyingma tradition. Retrieved from ” http: Shri Heruka Eight Pronouncements Chemchog. In Tibettwo major commentarial traditions of this tantra have developed:.

In search of the Guhyagarbha tantra

Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal. While these manuscripts are alost certainly no earlier than the guhagarbha century, they do provide some insights into the role of the Guhyagarbha in early Tibet: While these manuscripts are alost certainly no earlier than the 10th century, they do provide some insights into the role of the Guhyagarbha in early Tibet:. Kriyayoga Charyayoga Yogatantra Anuttarayogatantra Twofold division: Buddhist Terms Guhyagarbha tantra.

Share Twitter Facebook Tumblr Reddit. All articles of CBE. Notify me of new comments via email. Home Guhyagafbha News Donors Donate. The second part is a translation of the extensive commentary on The Guhyagarbha Tantracalled Thorough Dispelling of Darkness throughout the Ten Directions, written by the omniscient Longchenpawho was an emanation of Samantabhadra.