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2 Jul Please be aware that this is the basic things behind Capsim, I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible, this guide will help you avoid the. Capstone CAPSIM Cheat Sheet Group “A” Winners Reposition a Product 1. Research current customer buying criteria in the Courier report 2. Display the R&D. 18 Feb My team Ferris won the online strategy simulation game. The game was kind of lame and more importantly about learning. A lot of the times in.

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Then, try to increase when we have more funds next rounds. Perf and Size needs to always improve, I would suggest you lower your prices round by round to keep your advantage. Additionally, the low-end segment is the only segment showing a negative return. Let me know if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or reach me at my Freelance profile Happy Capsiming! Make sure to forecast correctly and read the competitive landscape!

Try to improve automation. You are spending more than you have, check the lower right corner for your capital investment, dont pass that numer. You know what, I changed my mind.

How to win at Capsim and CompXM – learn to win

Yeah you don’t want to throw details caspim them they won’t understand, but once they understand how positioning and drift works, it helps to know the mechanics.

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Can you expand a little bit more about this part? If we see two teams leave a segment that is Great. We can see this from graphs at the end of screen.

Yes, some of them will fall off the Ideal Spot but again Round 4 — Production Upgrade original Traditional sensor from 7. Creating 1 new segment, eg. It’s better to just let it age naturallly. The guide lied to us; they said it was calculated monthly.


I haven’t really seen any information about this anywhere else, usually the advice is to make sure it completes in the same year. Do not worry about getting Debts or Issue Stocks, we are doing business so that is investments. I highly recommend that you sell some capacity on the first round so you can finance Automation, sell on the traditional, high end, performance and size products.

Modify each product according to the spreadsheet on each segment. Want cappsim add to the discussion?

The simulation tries to be as much as possible related to real life, therefore the way they set up demand its by dividing it by 4 1 sale caspim 3 months. See figures in followings: With excess money, we retire or buy back stocks or pay dividends.

If so, your company may not have enough upgrades and automation to follow this suggested strategy, you can refer to other tips to Rescue Company or Mid Game Tips. If competitors are cutting prices in Traditional and Low End segments, we need to lower prices to close to their levels.


They are most potential lucrative. And of course practically speaking, since sales only happen at the end of the quarters, you only need to think about ideal spots at the quarters. Well, you’ll get the benefit of the revision next year. TQM is very straight forward. The numbers are from my game, you need to use your Excel file, numbers will be a little different. To Increase Days of Working Capital: Note that all figures to input in your game is different from this articles, you should get number from Industry report, put 1 line in Excel file and get your own game figures.

Not making Profits in first Rounds?

A post with a report would be greatly appreciated. Automation in High End, Performance and Size is not so much important.

More stuff

This allows more flexibility to deal with short term market changes. You want to spend as much as possible in human capital, therefore you want to invest the maximum on recruiting and the maximum of training hours. When we have much Cash and Net Profit, we need to pay off dividends and retire stocks to increase Leverage and cxpsim get max points for Days of Working Capital.

From roundwe will fly up with higher profits.