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5 Feb It has already started with the introduction of BS () – Amendment 3 to the 17th Edition of the IET wiring regulations – on 1st. 3 Oct As you may be aware there are changes being made to the wiring regulations BS with Amendment 3 which is due to be published in. Changes have been made to the wiring regulations BS with Amendment 3 which was published in January One of these changes involves.

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To control, disable or delete cookies, please use your browser settings. Have their enclosures manufactured from ajendment material, or ii. However there is an exception, for socket outlets up to 20A, where the socket outlet is specifically labelled, or where a documented risk assessment determines that RCD protection is not necessary.

Once again there is a hint towards the use of metallic materials, although this is not prescribed. The new wiring regulations will be published and effective from January 1 Therefore, electricians, electrical installers and contractors need to have a thorough understanding of how to reduce these risks in order to protect public safety.

What will be in BS Amendment 3 to BS More specifically the session will address how the regulation affects installers, specific changes amejdment be aware of and amndment they will need to counsel their clientele.

You are already logged in. Enhanced fire safety is also referenced in the new Regulation LegislationIndustry trends.

Amendment 3 BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations IET Wiring Regulations

Changes to earth fault loop impedances for all protective devices. D esigning Buildings Wiki Share your construction industry knowledge amenndment. The Electrical Installation Condition Report includes the requirement for inspection to be carried out in accessible roof spaces where electrical equipment is present. You can then continue shopping or check out and make a secure payment via the PayPal payment screen. Appendix 6 introduced a new Schedule of Inspections for initial verification, complete with relevant regulation numbers which is similar in layout to the one used for periodic inspection and the inclusion of the regulation numbers amendmrnt make it easier to understand and complete.


The key alterations include some definition changes, a change to protection, a reduction in earth loop impedance values, the addition of protective devices, wiring in escape routes, consumer unit enclosures to bs76711 made non-combustible to come into effect January and the inclusion of model inspection, testing certificates and reports.

This has various changes in definitions, plus alterations for socket outlet RCD protection. Section – Construction and Amrndment Site Installations – The earlier exclusion of mining applications in Regulation Time to throw away those old tables!

17th Edition amendment 3 how will it affect you?

However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. E-learning is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to face-to-face training, meaning you don’t need to take extra time out of work to complete it.

Newsletter Register Sign in. It has already started with the introduction of BS I believe there has now become a philosophy that if every conceivable possibility hasn’t been covered someone will sue for damages because of the failure to legislate, pushing the risk lower down the chain to the installer.

For a public supply in the UK, Cmin will be 0. This does not preclude compliance with this regulation prior to this date. This covers auxiliary circuits for low voltage electrical installations.

Section Luminaires and Lighting Installations – Requirements for outdoor lighting and extra low voltage lighting installations have been moved to new Sections and respectively. You can write your own notes for the course and print them off or simply store them to access later any time you view your course. This does not preclude compliance with this regulation prior to this date.

Free 17th Edition bs Amendment 3 Course. Why are these changes being made? We are considered logical thinking people so lets apply some logic please before we throw blanket decisions on the installers. It does not apply to non-domestic installations or to outside installations.


Here are some ways you can quickly find the information you need: The intent of regulation There are no formal entry requirements for this course, but a basic knowledge of electrical science is expected.

This will be obvious as the narration and text will tell you what to do or the links will pulse and flash. The website uses cookies Amndment website uses cookies to deliver the best possible web experience. This is probably one area that is likely to show up time and time again on periodic inspections. We are in the process of moving to one Virtual Sb7671 website. Gold and silver award winners at the Learning Technologies Awards – including gold for excellence in the design of learning content.

A new section Auxiliary Circuits is included.

The third amendment to BS This website uses cookies to deliver the best possible web experience. How con a satisfactory connection be made in a single screw term design to cover 1mm to 25mm cable.

Pulse for iOS and Android Pulse gives you the ultimate access to Hager literature on your smartphone or tablet. Have their enclosure manufactured from a non-combustible material, or Be enclosed in a cabinet or enclosure constructed of non-combustible material and complying with Regulation I need an 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Course New to the Industry I am already working in the industry I am interested in renewable energy courses I want to view all courses by location.

If you want more detail on 17th Edition Amendment 3 then you can watch our free online seminar here:.

Don’t worry; in most cases you can take this assessment three times at no extra cost, and we have policies and procedures in place for adding further attempts. Building surveys provide a detailed evaluation of a property’s condition and involve an extensive inspection. Electrical contractors will need to hold a copy of BS