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Please enter your username and password. If you have forgotten your. Digital eBook. Instant Downloadable Products *NOTE for ALL users: You. This 85 page e-book is jam packed with the latest tried and tested, step-by-step.

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And, even if worse came to worse and you had to take a fine to court, we show you all the inside tips and tricks – from the actual Police training manuals – aussis well as explaining powerful Constitutional and Commonwealth laws that you can use very simply in a court situation to defeat your fines there.

E-book Speedkng — This is, and will likely continue to be, the most popular form of Membership. THE accuracy of mobile speed cameras is under assault by the legal world. Even better, we can put you in touch with someone that has a flawless system for retaining your licence, even if it has been ordered to be suspended! All of that is about to change though.

There is large section of the e-book that explains that without a victim there can be no crime and without a crime there is no call for punishment. We explain in great detail, yet also VERY simply, all the so-called “laws” associated with speed detection and speeding fines and how to apply them in YOUR favour.

But less than a third of the money, provided by fixed and mobile speed cameras, is being spent on road safety initiatives, according to official figures. Fine, we have MUCH more. Please note that there is no requirement to become an Update Member, you can still easily and successfully use the information contained in the e-book without it and we will continue to support and assist you in any way we can. The ONLY reason that the police still get away with this is because people just aren’t aware of it and not enough people have yet taken a stand against it.

Do you know that NO speed detection device currently being used in Australia meets the requirements of this Act and NO speed detection device has been certified to comply with this Act? We couldn’t believe this reaction — we had done ALL the research, we had gathered ALL the facts, yet they still refused to use this information to help us defend our cases. If you would like to join as an Advanced Member – to ensure that you receive all our future e-mail updates so that you are one of our fully informed and educated motorists – please be sure to read the Advanced Membership instructions here – seeding then click here – http: After finding out these facts ourselves, we decided that WE would no longer fjnes for this either.


AND you will receive access to our Resources section, which includes over 25 different sample letters that you can then copy, modify and use yourself. Please click here to find out more about what is actually covered in our e-book. This e-book is Xussie designed so everyone can go around speeding lawlessly and just get away with it.

In fact, if you have received a fine that you KNOW you can’t get out of and you are about to lose your licence, we have a Special Bonus Report that speedinb how to keep your licence and, quite possibly, your job as well. For example, did you know that your Driver’s Licence is simply a way of tracking your movements between states and is yet another revenue-raising exercise?

So, I was basically stuck with tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs simply because I did not have the information contained in this e-book!

Digital eBook

So, what will you find in our e-book? Our Newsletter Enter your details below to join our email list and receive our newsletter.

To streamline the whole process, we include lifetime ASF Membership and the purchase of the e-book in one simple transaction. Parking mess Article from: Popular Articles THE accuracy of mobile speed cameras is under assault by the legal world. Popular Articles THE accuracy of mobile speed cameras is under assault by the legal world. You pay taxes, you register your car and you pay highly inflated speecing prices – which also add to the government coffers – so you have the RIGHT to drive on safe roads.

You are actually treated worse, if you commit a minor speeding offence, than MOST criminals in this country.

Latest aussie speeding fines articles | Topics | Northern Star

Do you know what Section 10 of the National Measurement Act is and how it relates to speed detection devices? Do you realise that if someone borrows your car, receives a fine in the mail and then tries to do the RIGHT thing and pay that fine, that YOU could still end up with points off your licence and YOU can then be denied insurance or, have a valid insurance claim rejected?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean scelerisque pharetra orci. HALF of all fine recipients in Victoria who challenge tickets succeed in having them dropped, figures from the state Attorney-General’s office show.


You must remember that these rules were only ever put in place to help create an even flow of traffic. Do you FULLY understand how your life would be dines if you lost your licence for even just 1 month? You do NOT need to be a traffic lawyer to understand this. In other cases, you may just have to write 2 or 3 letters.


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Increasing speeding fines is NOT the way to achieve this and enough is now enough. Do you know that a simple speeding fine on your record can affect you for 5 years — you could get less than that in this country for killing someone! If you tell these companies the truth though, they have every right, and usually exercise that right, to charge you MORE per year for your insurance, even though NO correlation has EVER been proven between speeding and there being more accidents.

We have been operating for almost 10 years now, so you can be assured that our information works just as we say it does – after all you can’t stay in business for 10 years in this day and age if your product and service don’t deliver as promised. You can edit or delete this by visiting the control panel and clicking on “Manage News”. The truth on traffic finesparking fines and red light camera fines.

Spreding 85 page e-book is jam packed with the latest tried and tested, step-by-step strategies on how to fight speeding fines, parking fines, red light camera fines – in fact, all types of unjust and unlawful traffic fines in all states of Australia – and WIN!

Click below to become an E-book Member and order. If you have ANY questions or doubts as the effectiveness and authenticity of our strategies, then fimes would immediately direct you to our Testimonials page, where people from all states have successfully fought back against ALL types of traffic fines, using our information, and WON!

Aussie Speeding Fines has created a simple to follow, step-by-step e-book that shows you that fighting an unjust and unlawful traffic fine can be as simple, in some cases, as just writing a single letter. Please note that your E-book Membership not only entitles you to a copy of our e-book but also to unlimited e-mail access to our on-line experts, completely free of charge, for life!

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