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A move towards a world without money, is a giant step towards higher consciousness and a highway to enlightenment. UBUNTU Contributionism is a system for. Ubuntu Contributionism. K likes. A Blueprint For Human Prosperity A new social and economic system that guarantees the happiness, abundance and. UBUNTU Contributionism – MANIFESTO – A World Without Money. October 8, at AM. Please read and THINK for yourself. Stop sitting on the fence and.

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Those contributionismm are absolutely wrong. Nita rated it did not like it Jul 10, Like many others before me I realised that we are born into pure slavery.

UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity

Wendi Lucas rated it liked it Contrihutionism 25, Coming to terms with our enslavement as a species is critical to discovering the path to full enlightenment. We need water, food, shelter, love, health, education, knowhow, technology, art, culture, friends, clothes, tables, chairs, light, energy, heat, transport, agriculture, and all the other things we use in our contribbutionism activity.

As a producer he created a variety of TV shows and worked as a presenter on numerous others. Since the governments are supposed to be the servants of the people, they should consult the people about what to do.

ubuntu: Contributionism Part 1 – Introduction

There is only one way out of our enslavement, and move to a world of absolute equality, unity and abundance for all, on every level of life. They hate their life, their job, their boss; the fact contributioonism they have to get up early on cold and rainy days, to catch a train, or bus, or ride a bicycle in the rain, to a job they despise, just so that they can earn some money. Idealistic but inspirational and motivational.


This day has come. On this long and convoluted path of deception about money, we have become well trained soldiers marching to the rhythm, of the beat of the invisible whip, of the money makers. A move towards a world without money, is a giant conrtibutionism towards higher consciousness and a highway to enlightenment.


By removing money, we remove all obstacles to discovery and progress in every sector.

It has caused unimaginable hardship and suffering among humans all over the world and continues to do so now more than ever before. The system provides unimaginable abundance of all things on all levels, impossible to imagine by those trapped in the capitalist consumer-driven environment of today.

Ubuntu Party

But every time any scientist or ordinary person reveals such discoveries, they either silenced with money; or they mysteriously die; disappear; or they are ridiculed into obscurity by the well orchestrated disinformation campaigns by the oil and energy giants.

Tom rated it it was amazing Jan 10, For more information on Michael Tellinger and his other groundbreaking books and research into human origins, the vanished civilsations of southern Africa and the advanced technology they used, please visit his website: Michael Tellinger describes how the ancient African philosophy of UBUNTU will allow us to seamlessly move from a divided, money-driven society, to united communities driven by people, their passion for life and their God-given talents.

None of what the governments and bankers are proposing are solutions for the people. No invisible town councils and government that ignores its people. The time for us to wake up is here. Before applying his writing and research skills to books, Michael followed his other passion, for music.

UCS will allow people to reconstitute a unified society consisting of smaller harmonious communities. Michael is not only a brilliant and diligent explorer of ancient ruins but a man brave enough to put on paper the truth behind the totally misunderstood origins of money and how all of humanity has been and is today maliciously enslaved and controlled by the royal banking elite. Many ancient texts, including the Bible are full of this information, but we have been too arrogant and ignorant to recognise it.


After reading this book my eyes opened to many rotten aspects of our society and even my own aspirations. Tellinger makes a strong case that if we do not understand our human origins, we cannot come to terms with why the world is so messed up in the 21st century.

Millions of people around the world create millions of things every day, that fill the shelves of supermarkets. The supply of food has been the holy grail of the controllers for several decades.

What do we need as individuals and communities? UBUNTU Contributionism is a system for a new world of evolved and conscious beings that realise the importance of unity uvuntu equality.

Sections of this page. The development of free-energy has probably been one the best guarded secrets for the past years. A system where people contribute to the greater benefit of all in their community, locally and globally, rather than chasing money to buy bread. Most believe that there is no happy ending. All such notions and patterns of behaviour are clear symptoms of an enslaved society, ignorant of their slave species status. A society that functions without the concept of money, any form of barter or trade, or the attachment of value to material things.

If the land belongs to the people, the rivers and the coal in the ground belongs to the people, why are we paying for these?

Remove money from ubunti. Julie Filion rated it it was amazing Sep 22, It is now very clear that the global bankers and those who control the supply and flow of money, are in control of our planet and have been for a long, long time.