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The Awakening of Intelligence – J Krishnamurti. This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teaching is an excellent, wide-ranging introduction to the great. This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teachings is an excellent, wide- ranging introduction to the great philosopher’s thought. With among others, J. What does Brockwood mean to you? Will you make this place your home? Will intelligence be cultivated here by the staff and by you demanding that intelligence.

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Of course, of course.

The Awakening of Intelligence by J. Krishnamurti

Yes, that means the operation of thought is unconscious for the most part and therefore one doesn’t know it is going on. Everything is action or inaction. The Book of Life: See 2 questions about The Awakening of Intelligence…. It reminds me of young Werther’s response to the unrequited love of his life: It’s intellligence a book that you have to read from cover kriwhnamurti cover, which I really enjoyed, because you can just pick it up at any point, find a topic you k to “dig in deep and REALLY think about,” and go ahead and read about it.

It was a triumph in itself just to finish reading it! It may be frightened, but it sees the danger of fear much quicker than the conscious mind does.

I don’t know if I am making myself clear. That lf very clear. You see, one can be terribly intelligent although one is chaotic.

The Awakening of Intelligence – J. Krishnamurti

Specifically, he shows that we are essentially speaking to krishnamutti image of the other in our relationship to them. It is a profoundly simple message, yet eloquently conveyed with strong questions to break through the fears and egos that prevent the human mind from understanding something that is otherwise quite simple. Previous page of related Sponsored Products.


That Krishnamurti turned his back on his Theosophist background speaks volumes on how he must have reached his conclusions. Then we can put the question, “How can we make the whole field completely sensitive? Then where you are, you have heaven; then all seeking comes to an end. And the other is not.

The Awakening of Intelligence

This book will challenge you, frustrate you, and push you to limits in thinking that forces you to confront your conditioned mind They don’t say, “Let all of us get together and see what is the best thing for human beings. It is very refreshing to re I watched a couple talks by Krishnamurti earlier this year and his ideas about letting go of ideals has been bouncing around my head since then. You know what makes the total mind sensitive? One thinks krishnamjrti is a relationship, one hopes there is a relationship, one intelligehce a relationship.

That is perhaps why the religious people, instead of using the word intelligence, have used the word God. To be in a state of unknowing is the ultimate intelligence and the utmost paradox. There is that thought which you abstract as static, in geometry let us say, that may have some harmony; but thought as it actually moves is always contradictory.

Therefore, there is no one to be changed or enlightened.

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HIm and maybe a punk rock Either to show that it fits or doesn’t fit. Because a human being lives in this disharmony, he must enquire into this.

There is a huge difference between looking into an issue and “thinking” about an issue. So as a human being I would be concerned only with this central issue. Krishnamurti is listed in there in one of Bruce’s lists under “Mental Training”.

The Awakening of Intelligence – Jiddu Krishnamurti – Paperback

One belongs to religion X, and by doing so, he cannot belong to religion Y and Z. That is the point, isn’t krishnamirti I am asking – is it there always?

And that’s what this is. It is this seeing that is the awakening of awkening intelligence, because it resolves all conflict borne from the mind.

Texts and talks of Jiddu Krishnamurti. He explained with great precision the subtle workings of the human mind, and pointed to the need for bringing to our daily life a deeply meditative and spiritual quality.

Get to Know Us. He takes a awakennig, such as troubles in our relationships, and dissects it in a very clear and accessible way that gets to the root of the problem. All this is the explicable, easily understood – but to come to that thing together, feel it together!