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Fi Zilal al-Qur’an is a highly influential commentary of the Qur’an, written during by Fi Zilal al-Quran . Tafsīr (Qur’anic exegesis) · Sunni. Tafsir fi Zilalil Quran and Tafseer ibne kaseer/tafsir ibn kathir are two most famous Al Quran sharif 30 para tafsir. Islam is our deen. Quran sharif is one pillar of. Full text of “TAFSIR FI ZILALIL Qur’an Sayyid Quthb English pdf” (Verse 2) Whichever 61 In the Shade of the Qur’an option is followed, retaining the marriage.

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The religion of Islam has been bestowed from on high so that it qn be obeyed and implemented in a way that regulates life as a whole. Likewise, we do not know what the seven earths are. In many animal and bird species, couples live together in a regulated life.

May Allah give more reward to him and his heirs for this effort. Do not drive them out of their homes, nor shall they themselves leave, unless they commit a flagrant indecency” Verse 1 This is the first caution that follows the address.

God will quf sufficient for everyone who puts his trust in Him. Plz reduce the size of the suras to the rest of the suras as well as their texture if possible. This earth of ours may be one of them and the others are known to God alone.

So, we should read Al Quran with bangla meaning al quran with bangla translation.


They are called upon to remain God-fearing: Establishing the rule of God on earth does not mean that sovereignty is assigned to a particular group of people, as was the case when the Church wielded power in Christian Europe, or that certain men become spokesmen for the gods, tafsri was the case under theocratic rule. To hold on to marriage in such cases serves no purpose.


Nothing escapes His knowledge, not even the best guarded secrets of the heart. His is the only treasure on which all creatures depend: You are commenting using your Twitter account.


They realize that God is aware even of their innermost thoughts. God will pardon the bad deeds of zhialil who is God-fearing and will grant him a rich reward. April 19, at 4: Yet practical human life shows that there are situations that end in ruin, despite all the guarantees and safeguards.

Besides, they will hope to receive the compensation He grants to His God-fearing servants in both this life and in the life to come, particularly in relation to provisions and livelihood.

The surah also deals with a number of other family issues zihlalil result from divorce.

I pray that your efforts will take you to heaven, InShaAllah. It only regulates, purifies and elevates them above the physical level so that they become central to many psychological and social values.

Thus is admonished everyone who believes in God and the Last Day. Rather, they should place their trust in God; this is sufficient for anyone. Thus they live in ease and comfort until they are due to meet their Lord. It zhllalil its directive to treat the other party with kindness, forbearance and mutual consideration, always preferring to do a good turn.


Call to witness two persons of known probity from among yourselves; and do yourselves bear witness before God. Such termination at the wife’s request is called khui in Islamic law. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Email required Address never made public. God has prepared a severe punishment for them. Could you please inform me which edition is being used? It adds to all this the fact that this bond and its preservation are an essential aspect of being God-fearing.

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The marital tie becomes to him a sacred one since it is part of obeying God. He was the Hero of Islam. The link to surah 90, Al-balad, is not working. God wants this truth to be clearly understood by us so that we will continue to look up with hope to what He puts before us.

To start with, the marriage bond is meant to be permanent and well established. Hence, there remained the question of how long a woman who does not have a monthly cycle should wait. The surah is also remarkable in the way it deals with each situation in great detail, requiring that its provisions and rulings be implemented while maintaining a fear of God.

It has dealt with all consequences, providing a clear provision for each. The lessons derived from their fates are thus placed before us, reminding all of the miserable fate that awaits those who do not fear God and who disobey Him.

Both are assured that a God-fearing approach will see them in ease after hardship, comfort after difficulty and provisions that come from where they do not expect. A great experience of reading few words upon social justice from the book. These legal provisions were part of the code made in heaven for implementation on earth, to ensure fairness to all its people.

Women were treated in the same way as slaves, or worse than slaves, in almost all parts of the world. For everyone who is God-fearing, God makes things easy.

God is indeed All-Knowing, aware of all things. Tasfir 30 June at 1am. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.