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24 Apr I certify that I have read, supervised and accepted the siwes technical report written and submitted by SALISU ISYAKU in partial fulfillment of the. 8 Mar Institute of Technology and Management Student, SIWES REPORT. 27 Feb Industrial training report in an Automobile Industry as a Diagnosing / Electrical Technician.

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It is still new and has a few complications.

something 4 all singles: my complete SIWES report

The main work we carried out was Programming. It is the main source of energy used by the body.

There are other more specialized scopes used to describe networks. Although this type of structure permits any station on the network to talk to any other station, rules are required for recovering from such situations as when two stations attempt to communicate at the same time.

The physical means of rreport between network computers. This tool was very siwees for us as it helped siews monitor what commands actually get to the Database Engine and what commands it executed. A straight through cable is used to connect a computer to a hub in a star topology Ethernet network while a cross over cable is used for point-to-point connection between computers without passing through a hub.

Blood samples must be gently mixed at the earliest opportunity to ensure anticoagulation effectiveness As the last blood sample tube is filling erport the tourniquet by pressing siwez on the release clip that is on the side away from the arm. The Kevlar fibers add strength to the cable, while the outer jacket, which is commonly colored orange, represents a polymer-based shield that protects the cable from the elements.

Each side of the cat 6 cable will have different colours. SignalR is a library for ASP. The functions of those in this department include: The observation was taken after 10mins. The availability of low-priced network switches has largely rendered hubs obsolete but they are still seen in older installations and more specialized applications. Also, certain libraries have been built upon JavaScript to even simplify the way developers add behavior to their webpages.


This includes specifications for the type of media, adapter and protocol the network can use. The various software we used to carry out our work include: Because signals are transmitted at one frequency siwea received at a different frequency, a head-end or frequency translator is also required for broadband transmission on coaxial cable.

A LAN can only be as large as the physical limitations of rpeort cabling you use which also depends on the cabling type. Typically, repport access method employed in a ring topology requires data to circulate around the ring, with a special set of rules governing when each station connected to the network can transmit data. You will need to enter this information into the Router. At that time, IBM introduced a series of terminal devices designed for use in transaction-processing applications for banking and retailing.

Data rates on baseband networks using coaxial cable range from 50 to Mbps. Another is two computers connected erport to each other to use file transfer software like windows i.

In this topology, the common point siwse communications at the top of the structure is known as the head-end. The objective of which the scheme was undergone was however achieved. In this case, we are required to install the satellite television in about five rooms; three bedrooms, one master bedroom one living room.


The tile was siws rocked from side to side for 3 minutes to allow agglutination occurrence, then result was observed. A dropper was used to carefully drawn the antigen kits and a drop was placed on each of the test card in pairs of four spots labeled O, OA, OB, OC and H, HA, HB, HC and a drop of serum was carefully added into the antigen respectively with the aid of Pasteur pipette and mixed together with the aid of an applicator stick the test card was rocked gently, the rate of reaction and agglutination was observed at reeport interval of 30sec, 1min, 2mins, and 5mins Result Reactive: All databases we created and worked with were created using SQL Server.


The following picture shows a screenshot of the Visual Studio Environment taken from my laptop. Also reporg twisted pair Ethernet uses a twisted pair cable with a maximum length of meters.

I also want to thank everyone that contributed to the success of repotr industrial training; my industrial supervisors, my colleagues, co-workers and my relatives.

The three major core thicknesses used in optical fiber are 50, 62 and microns. This noise can affect the error rate of siwrs transmitted on the network, although lead-shielded twisted-pair STP cable can be employed to provide the cable with a high degree of immunity to the line noise and enable extended transmission distances. Thus, equipping the students with the necessary skills and technical knowledge to make them highly competitive and professional individuals in the Labour Market 1.

The network medium is often a specialized cable or other media such as infra red transmission or radio signals as in wireless networks. To estimate the relative mass of red blood cells present in a blood sample in percentage volume. Also known repott the decameter band or decameter wave.

If a tourniquet is used to search for a vein, it should be released before withdrawal of blood begins. If the camera is O. Avoid wearing dangling jewellery.