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This paper provides a detailed description of the radio frequency susceptibility requirements in Change Notice One for Section 20 of RTCA/DOD. 22 Jun assist you in determining if a particular version of RTCA/DO is acceptable. Note: When reference to RTCA/DOD is made in this AC, it. 26 Oct 1 RTCA/DO Section 26, Fire, Flammability. Working Group. Environ Laboratories LLC. Alan Thompson, President.

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For equipment that does not require electrical power for operation, warm up the equipment for 15 minutes maximum by the application of ro not to exceed the short-time operating high temperature test as required by applicable equipment categories.

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Caution must be exercised so that gtca voltages developed by input power current do not damage the audio power source generation system. There are several additional environmental conditions categoriesthat specific airborne equipment may be subjected to, that have not been included in this document.

If the individual equipment performance standard requires that performance be metduring the abnormal voltage of 15 V dc It only illustrates the employment method.

Any test fixture used shall be as rigid and symmetricalas practicable. Prepare a spore suspension of each of the five fungi by pouring into onesubculture of each fungus a 10 ml portionof a sterile solution containing 0. For the critical frequencies identified, select the four most severe frequencies. If the time during a temperature change period does not allow for complete determination of compliance with applicable equipment performance standards, a sufficient number of cycles shall be accomplishedso that completecompliance rtva be determined.



The results of these tests shall assure that the material will protect the equipment from deleterious effects rfca being exposed to the relevant fluid in the manner defined in the equipment test procedures Subsection If possible, inspect the item withinthe chamber.

Reducethe absolute pressureto the equivalent ofthe maximum operational altitude for the aircraft on which the equipment will be installed see Table O m unless otherwise specified in the applicable equipment specification.

At the end ofthe exposure period, remove the equipment from the test chamber and drainoff do not wipe any condensed moisture. The impedanceof the outputof the transformer shall be 0.

Return the voltage to Adjust the pH of the solutionby the addition of0. This aircraft type dependent test checks the effects of mechanical shock. If the transmitting antenna being used is a pyramidal horn, such as a standard rtcq horn or similar type radiator,as the dimensions ofthe antenna become small and the frequency to of interest becomes higher, is it permissible to move the antenna closer to the EUT thanthe one meter shownin So Repeat, with operationof the equipment at V r m s Hz.

Association of European Airlines.

Definition Momentary rtcq the range from zeroto 97 V r m s may occurfor any duration up to seven seconds. Within one after hour the two cyclesare completed, apply normal supply power and turn on the equipment. Cateporv T or “2: The frequencies chosen for the test should be appropriate to the equipment.

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Whensuch means are employed, the air movement shall not be directed onthe equipment under test, and the equipment rtcca be tested at the minimum flow rate consistent with the purpose of maintaining a uniform temperature distribution in the chamber. It results from the inherentregulationof the electrical power supply systeminresponse to disturbances that are imposed by normal system operations, suck as load switching and remedial actionby the regulator.

RTCA DO Testing to DO D, E & F

SC- Page 5. If the equipment performance standard requires that performance be met during the abnormal surge voltage test of subparagraph If theshort-timeoperatinghightemperatureandoperatinghightemperature are the same, the short-time 160r high temperaturetest need not be conducted.

Category B – For equipment in a non-temperature-controlled or partially temperature controlled internal section ofthe aircraft: Minimum time during which the pulse shall be monitored for shocks produced using a vibration generator. Categories of Rrtca Category D Equipment installed in locations where the equipment is subjected to blowing sand and dust in the course of normal aircraft operations is identified as Category D and shouldbe tested as recommended in the following paragraphs.

During the next hour period,plus or minus 15 minutes,decrease the temperature gradually to 38 degrees Celsius or lower. 16d0, m d i x 4 is applicable for identifying the environmental tests performed.