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The Ritusamhara of Kalidasa: a new translation of the Sanskrit classic. Front Cover. K̄alid̄asa. Dialogue Calcutta Publications, – 19 pages. 16 Nov Kalidasa is the supreme poet and dramatist in classical Sanskrit literature. Ritusamhara is an exuberant expression of the love of life. The Ritusamhara of Kalidasa; a new translation of the Sanskrit classic, by Manish Nandy. Main Author: Kālidāsa. Related Names: Nandy, Manish., tr.

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With navel deep and ample hips, And lovely slender waist, Is just about to leave the bed; Kalidaa the early morning hour She ritusamhaar loosely binding the ends Of her gorgeous curly hair perfumed with aguru In which the chaplet of flowers is fading.

Music was always sounding silently in my mind. It has also been translated to Kannada by Bannanje Govindacharya titled “Rutugala henige”. In all places then and in all seasons Flowers expand their light and soul-like wings, Teaching us by most persuasive reasons, How akin they are to human things.

The Ritusamhara of Kalidasa: a new translation of the Sanskrit classic – K̄alid̄asa – Google Books

Nearly all attempts to translate verse into verse have been futile. Nowadays it is ordinarily called pan, from the Sanskrit word parna for leaf. The rhymed English stanza would be altogether too rigid and hmiting. Steal the hearts of men. Hearkening to the rumble of the clouds. And the crevices of kxlidasa strewn with alpine flowers. Views Read Edit View history. Armed with the nimble shafts Of the swelling mango blossom.

A basic Hindu temple consists kalidaxa an inner sanctum, the garbha griha or womb chamber, in which the image is housed, often with spac This insect punctures the bark, sucks the juice and transforms it into the encrustations.


The translation is as close as possible and faithful to the spirit of the language. The sun pours down in glorious splendour and the soft breeze turns leaf and flower into sparkling, trembling colour.

Full text of “Ritusamhara Or The Peageant Of The Seasons”

Their clothing is loosened. The only Neolithic settlement in the Indian subcontinent attributed to Apart from the usual discomforts and restrictions there is a lack of privacy. For this I have not waited. Landscape is a place where vegetation is nourished on high and low ground, where springs and rocks play about like children, a place that woodsmen and retiring scholars usually frequent, where birds cry aloud their joy in ritusamhada scene.

Imaginary feelings are the strongest. In Sanskrit literature the kalahamsa is usually referred to as a swan with a peculiarly melodious voice.

The month and moon are closely associated kalidada the season. Nor open terrace nor balcony, Bathed by the silver moon of autumn. Joy and woe are woven fine. The poet describes the young wives who are so deep in love as to be quite drowned in it, and little bubbles appear at the comers of their lips. Some consider this tree, when in full bloom, superior in beauty to the Amherstia which it resembles somewhat in foliage though its mode of flowering is quite dissimilar.

They are an adornment to the stars, With the bosom enfolded in tight bodices And the limbs in colourful silk attired. In those days the lion must have been common in the regions of the Punjab upto the Sutlej.

The true woman is timeless and universal. But not kxlidasa long could this soldier in the battle of freedom tarry in the paradise set among blossoming orchards in the shadows of the Himalayas. Stanza 1, Line 9: None kalicasa take away the joy we have had in reading lovely books, or listening to great music and poetry. The humid breeze is cool And fragrant with the blossoms Of kadamba, sarja, arjuna and ketaki Whom it mirthfully shakes; 38 Who does not feel, in the quiet of content.


We tried to gather some measure of serenity with which to face the anxieties and strains of this greatest tragedy in human history. Ibere is another maid.

As they moved about in groups it is impossible to imagine a more delightful effect than the jalidasa scarlet bunches of flowers presented upon their fine, glossy black hair. They came up triumphantly. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See especially the lovely hymn V.

The Ritusamhara Of Kalidasa

Stanza 11, Line 1: So exquisitely is the thing done that kalidssa can say which half is superior. In Sanskrit poetics the genius or instinctive gift of a Kavi, or poet-seer, is known as pratibha. And intelligent women understand and yield to this unspoken precept.

The Sikhs too adopted the word simha as a part of their names together with militancy. What rhythms, what a tidal flow!

He taught the people to fight non-violently and courageously for a principle and to choose the peine forte et dure until the movement for freedom had become a mighty wave in an unfathomable ocean. Kalidasa; Rajendra Tandon tr. The peacock is polygamous, his harem consisting of two to five hens.