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Watch All Episodes of Qissa Chaar Darvesh (Trending Drama) in High Defination Quality, Read and Share reviews/suggestions. Visit Official Website. QR code for Qissa char darvesh. Title, Qissa char darvesh. Author, Mohammad Yunus Hasrat. Publisher, Ferozsons. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. 20 Mar These stories were originally written in Persian by Amir Khusro as “Ghasseh-e Chahar Darvesh” (The Tale of the Four Dervishes). It was initially.

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Qissa char darvesh – Mohammad Yunus Hasrat – Google Books

Mohammad Yunus Hasrat Publisher: At last, I returned hopeless, but did not find the princess under the tree; how can I describe the state of my mind at that moment! Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. I spent all the money I had from the sale of my goods, both principal and interest. In the recesses of the walls, various kinds of oranges and confectionery of various colours were placed.

Please verify that you are not a robot. Instigated by curiosity, I opened it; I beheld in it a beautiful lovely woman at the sight of whom the senses would vanishwounded and weltering in her blood, with her eyes closed, and in extreme agonies. At this moment the eunuch appeared, and began to plead for my pardon and restoration to her favour.

I ever pray for your life and prosperity; I have committed this fault in full reliance on your highness’s forgiveness, and I hope for pardon.

I, having left the shop, carried the jewels and the clothes to the presence of the fair lady. It merely denotes the piece of steel used in striking a fire. Now, my advice is that you should make an effort at travelling; please God the times will change, and in place of your present embarrassment and destitution, gladness and prosperity may be the result.

Then, in confusion, I asked the young man, ‘who is this precious hag; from whence have you grubbed her up?

Since the introduction of European watches and clocks, the term ghari is applied to the Christian hour of sixty minutes. Leaving there the princess, I set out, and was looking all around to find somewhere or other on the ground, or the river, some trace of a human being. In fact, the best plan is for you to give him a thousand gold pieces, to set him up in a jeweller’s shop in the qissthat he may from the profit of his trade live comfortably; and to build him a handsome house near my residence; to buy him slaves, and hire him servants and fix their pay, that he may in every way live at his ease.

The translation of Mir Amman is still enjoyed as a classical work of literature for the common daily language of its time. On one side variegated screens of talkwith qissw behind them were displayed, and on the other side tall branches of lamps in the shape of cypresses and lotuses, were lighted up.


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The moment they are introduced, it is a hint to the visitor to take leave. He comes upon four dervishes in a cemetery, and listens to their fantastical stories. What do I see but a chest descending slowly from the walls of the fortress!

I approached her with reverence, and having expressed my admiration of her good sense, and the propriety of her conduct, I invoked blessings upon her. It is often of gauze and muslin. After three days, when you returned from the entertainment, and, quite abashed, made me many apologies for staying away so long, to make you easy in your mind, I replied, ‘it is of no consequence; when he gave you leave then you came away; but to be without delicacy is not proper, dxrvesh we should not bear another’s debt of gratitude without an idea of paying it; now do you go and invite him also, and bring him along with you.

As the Muhammadan laws are derived from their religious code, the Kuran, the kazi possesses both secular and ecclesiastical powers. Disregarding the amusements of the entertainment, they began to attend only to this strange spectacle. All at once, even in one year, both my father and mother died by the decree of God.

If you carry a dead person earvesh him, by the help of God, he will apply such remedies as will bring him to life.

When its inebriating quality took effect, I used in the elevation of my spirits to jest and laugh with the boy, and beguile my time. In the zenith of the Mughal empire these khil’ats were expensive honours, as the receivers were obliged to make rich presents to the emperor for the khil’ats they received. When [at length] he consented, I brought him with me to my house; but on the way I could not avoid making the reflection, that “if I had had the means, I could receive my guest in a style which would be highly gratifying to him.

In all appearance, your exertions and zeal have been of use, so that I have been cured of such wounds. Citations are based on reference standards.

I fearlessly said, “I do not wish to live any longer on these terms; my feet are hanging in the grave, and I must soon die; my remedy is in the power of your highness; whether you may apply it or not, that you only know. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. My servants and companions, when they perceived my careless habits, secreted all they could lay hand on; one might say a systematic plunder took place. A hundred thousands make a lakhand a hundred lakhsa crore. Are the acknowledgments due to my services, and my having devoted my life to you, flown all of a sudden from this world, that you have shown such disfavour to a wretch like me?

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Men likewise wear the dopatta flung over the shoulders, or wrapped round the waist. Dancing girls and boys, singers, musicians and buffoons, in rich apparel, were in waiting, and singing in concert. There on the border of the canal, we sat down in an elegant saloon; he got up a moment after and went qissq, and then returned richly dressed. I was invoking curses on myself for having come there, saying that I was properly punished for my darveah.

Give yourself no concern about qussa materials [for chxhar an entertainment]; by the favour of God, all the requisites will soon be ready, and in an excellent style, the hospitable party will obtain splendour. Ah, I forgot, the priests both of Mecca and of Rome can always grant dispensations and indulgences to such good people as can adduce weighty reasons to that effect. Posted by Rehana Chaand at 2: No fourth chshar had any knowledge of these circumstances; [it was known] only to the eunuch and two nurses who had given me milk, and brought me up.

In the meanwhile, I regained my senses, and looking round, I saw a horseman clothed in green, with a veil thrown over his face, who said to me, “Why dost thou attempt to destroy thy life; it is impious to despair of God’s mercy; whilst there is breath, so long there is hope. After strolling for a few minutes about the garden, she sat down in the alcove on a richly-embroidered masnad.

He dwells in this quarter [of the city,] and his name is ‘Isa. I replied, your happiness is essential to me, what can be better [than what you propose]; send for her without delay; nothing, darvedh is true, is agreeable without the presence of the beloved one. From the day I was born I was brought up with great delicacy and tenderness, in joy and happiness under the eye of my father and mother.

No account was kept of the qossa which was squandered; from whence it came, or where it went: On hearing this speech, my excellent mother became kind from maternal fondness, and concealed my guilt in her own breast, and sent all the necessaries for the entertainment by the same eunuch who is in my secrets.

I could not gaze on her without being dazzled varvesh her beauty.