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Parashat Balak (Numbers – ). Read on 20 July in the Diaspora. Parashat Balak / Did Balaam’s Ass Speak to Him? Prof. Yitzhak Levine . Combined Program in the Social Sciences. The story in Parashat Balak about. Balak son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. – Numbers Chukat – Balak There is no doubt that the donkey is the star of Parashat Balak.

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TroyesFrance, late 11th century.

Studies in Bamidbar Numberspage Translated by Jacob Neusner, pages — Parashhat the Women of the Biblepage Michah speaks of She’eirit Ya’akov, the “Remnant of Jacob,” a phrase that comes from the verb sha’ar, meaning to be left behind or left over.

Rabbi Judah bar Pazzi taught that the sages wanted to excommunicate Parwshat, but the Holy Spirit rested upon him and stated the words of Numbers Balaam prefaced his last two prophecies with an affirmation in Numbers Noting that in Numbers Immediately, Balaam’s eye became blind, as attested in Numbers Zimri then seized Cozbi by her hair and brought her before Moses.

When he reached the tribe of Simeon, he asked why the tribe of Levi should not have the moral standards of the tribe of Simeon. Because the Israelites rebelled in the Baal-Peor incident, God vowed that they would ultimately lose the Land that they had not yet even aprashat. Balaam wished that the Israelites’ kingdom might not rule over other nations, for in Numbers This passage also is prophetic of the future restoration parazhat national Israel in the acharit hayamim, when the LORD will reveal Himself to the people at His second coming.

Edom becomes a possession, yea, Seir a possession of its enemies; but Israel is triumphant. He reminds them that He turned Bil’am’s curses into blessings for His chosen people. She’eirit Ya’akov thus refers to aprashat survivors of the descendants of Jacob that have been nearly exterminated interestingly, She’eirit Ya’akov also refers to the Mashiach, based on Bil’am’s prophetic statement Numbers Frymer-Kensky concluded that Deuteronomy stresses the moral lesson: Retrieved July 7, Oxford University Press Noting that Numbers psrashat But Maimonides taught parawhat the zealot could strike the fornicators only when they were actually engaged in the act, as was the case with Zimri, and if the transgressor ceased, he should not be slain, and if the zealot then killed the transgressor, the zealot could be executed as a murderer.


ToledoSpain, — Translated by Judah J. Thus Balaam wished to curse the Israelites to have no synagogues or school-houses, for Numbers So in an application of the principle of Deuteronomy Rabbi Leazar taught that the words of Proverbs Thus God removed prophecy from nonbelievers.

Noting that the story of Baal Peor in Numbers 25 shifts abruptly from Moabite women to the Midianite princess Cozbi, Balal suggested that the story may originally have been about Midianite women, whom Moses held responsible in Numbers Hackett Publishing Companysecond edition, Thus Nachmanides read Balaam’s prophecy parawhat say that God does not want the Jews to be cursed and their end will be good, according to the way of the righteous.

Parashat Balak – Quick Summary

So Zimri assembled 24, Israelites and went to Cozbi and demanded that she surrender herself to him. Driverand Charles A. His name Bil’am may mean “not of the people,” a “mad man,” or a “corrupter of the people.

King Balak was a magician, trained in kishuf the occult and magic. The haftarah for the parashah is Micah 5: Rav said that Phineas saw what was happening and remembered the law governing intimacy with an idolatrous woman, and asked Moses whether he had not taught that zealots may punish one who cohabits with an idolatrous woman.


Kregel Academic and Professional, Rabbi Simlai taught that God communicated precepts to Moses. Similarly, the Mishnah taught that anyone who has an evil eye, a haughty spirit, and an over-ambitious soul is a disciple of Balaam the wicked, and is destined for Gehinnom and descent into the pit of destruction.

Balak (parsha)

parasnat Slotki, volume 6, pages — Finally, the exasperated king wanted to rid himself of Bil’am, but Bil’am then prophesied concerning the acharit hayamim end of days. Edited by Menachem Davis, pages — Rabbi Abbahu interpreted the words of Balaam’s blessing in Numbers If he could curse someone at just that moment, God would be constrained to say “Amen” to the curse.

Interpreting the words, “And the balai of Moab and the elders of Midian departed,” in Numbers Balaam was regarded as a great seer, magician and an adept in the occult. Balak received Bil’am at Moab’s border and repeated his promises of honor and glory, but Bil’am reiterated that “The word that God places in my mouth, that I will speak.

Translated and annotated by Gerald Friedlander, page The parashah constitutes Numbers Driver, and Charles A. Torah Commentary by Rabbi Bachya ben Asher.

As rishathaim means “two evils,” the Tanna deduced from the balka Cushan-rishathaim that Beor perpetrated two evils on Israel — one in pursuing Jacob in Genesis Instead of preparing for a conventional war, however, he hired the services of a renowned magician named Bil’am son of Beor “Balaam”.