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Milton Roy manufactures controlled-volume metering pumps that deliver unsurpassed reliability and accuracy in critical chemical dosing applications. Search in Milton Roy catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the PD MacRoy Brochure . Milroyal G Metering Pumps. G series motor driven dosing pump. – Motor driven diaphragm Brochure G- ยท Milton Roy doseerpomp G-serie Algemeen.

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All Milton Roy catalogues and technical brochures

Actual flow rate is determined by the following formula: Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “SC” P. Find more suppliers in Chandigarh Dosing Pumps in Chandigarh. We are here to help! The Metering Pump T he metering pump is a positive displacement chemical dosing device with the ability to vary capacity manually or automatically as process conditions require.

Milton Roy G-series Dosing Pumps | Meurs process

Discharge Pressure 15 We offer dosing pump with following features: G series G series motor driven dosing pump – Motor driven diaphragm dosing pump – Stroke lengthe adjustment with variable eccentric – Low pulsation without hydraulic shocks – Long lifespan due to shock free drive.

Coagulant dosing would be a wnpte matter if influent conditions wen; always the same. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Milroyal B” P. The smooth sinusoidal flow produced by the variable eccentric drive minimizes flow pulsations and mechanical shock to system components. Enhanced and improved over theyears, it is still the industry standard for durability andaccuracy in the most demanding applications.


This recip-rocating motion develops a flow easily represented by a sine wave. It shares the same features and options as the DP and is often used in water and wastewater treatment, fruit processing and metal finishing. It can have liquid or powder dosing functions, mixing functions and include measurement, regulation, automation and control systems.

Programming is simple and is accomplished with only three keys. We are a proud member of Accudyne Industries, a leading globalprovider of precision-engineered, process-critical, and technologicallyadvanced flow control systems and industrial compressors.

The optional Digi-Pulse Flow Monitor verifies chemical flow and provides an alarm output.

All Milton Roy catalogues and technical brochures. A unique integral 3-function valve allows for purging of any entrapped gases in the hydraulic oil without disturbing the relief valve setting. The test tube should Chemical Dosing Pumps in Delhi.

Milton Roy Dosing Pump

Catslogue Please enter Mobile Number. Metering Pumps The metering pump is a positive displacement chemical dosing device with the ability to vary capacity manually and automatically as process condition required.

The mRoy series of metering pumps have providedusers with high performance and reliability since itsintroduction in Put catalotue to the test and contact today.

It combines the bestcharacteristics of traditional liquid ends into a simplebut elegant design. In order to comply with therequirements of agency approvals see data platespecifications The familiar yellow and black pumps have a rugged, totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing for protection in the harshest environments.

Permits longer filter runs. Here the first 4 pages from the catalogue “Streaming Current Detectors” P. Our large local inventory of pumps and pump parts means quick delivery when you need it dosinv Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship firm.


A metering pump is a reciprocating controlled volume pump with a variable flowrate which can be adjusted while running or stopped, and is used to accurately pump a fluid, in the form of continuous or batch injection. Two mA Streaming CurrentSignals: The unique 5-level power control reduces system shock and extends the life of the pump.

The clear liquid crystal display provides the user with operational status. Air Operated Metering Pumps. Year of Establishment GM series till litres per hour. CFPC is an industrial distributor of engineered fluid handling equipment, with sales and service in: Series A Performance Maximum Range: Undesirable pressure buildupcan result from valve closure or other JavaScript is turned off in your web browser.

Its design, which meets the rigorous standards of APIpacks Approximate for envelope estimations. Pump flow rateverification on periodic basis or after maintenance isimportant to system accuracy.

An advanced xatalogue includes special features such as the solenoid dump valve control for batch treatment and a “Point 3” inflection point adjustment for fine tuning the control profiles of the metering pumps. ApplicationsWater TreatmentClose control of coagjiants is necessaryto meet dirfang water standards. Enhanced and improved over the years, it is still the industry standard for durability and accuracy in the most demanding applications Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “mRoy Brochure” P.

Special motor suitable for frequency variation.