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7 Sep Michael Fullan is certainly one of the three to four most influential His most recent contribution, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology. STRATOSPHERE – Making the connections between the fields of technology, pedagogy, and change knowledge more explicit in order to benefit humankind. Presenter’s name title institution email social media contact. #pearsoncite. Presenter’s photo. Michael Fullan [email protected] @michaelfullan1. # pearsoncite.

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Teachers are still captives of an old framework and this old framework is not very open to new ways of doing things. He thinks however that the growth of technology has been weed-like; it has grown wildly and aimlessly and has supplanted what our systems of education really need.

Fullan notes the strxtosphere Who changes the change leaders here? Focus on what the tool can do rather than on the tool itself. We at MindShare Learning have seen exceptions to this however.

If the triad is properly integrated then we can produce both engagement, for both teachers and students, and high-yield with regards to what is learned. He also disquiets the reader with a caveat: On whole systems design and change, only Paul Hill has earned equal influence.

Interestingly, and I wondered about this as I perused the book, what is the place of micahel teacher in all of this? Fullan argues that from his experiences in change work action results in inspiration rather than the other way around. There are exceptions to this however it merits pointing out that in order for real change to happen strwtosphere leaders in the current system need to be informed and empowered.

He weaves his way across a vast amount of material where he discusses topics ranging from constructivism and creativity to student and teacher engagement. He notes that technology has not had much of an impact in education reform to this point but he wonders if top-end higher order thinking skills remain stagnant stratospgere of the lack of technology usage. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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Book Review: Stratosphere by Michael Fullan | MindShare Learning Technology

Technology can be a powerful engine for learning and change, but humans micchael must be the drivers. He goes on to mention that the triad of pedagogy, change management and technology, when working together in harmony is fundamentally liberating and this liberation is needed when the old, outdated school system stratosphee currently enjoy is becoming unsustainable.

We must discontinue our blind assumptions that we can improve the current product our current straosphere system as it is now — out-dated and outmoded.

Of course none of strayosphere is going to happen without whole system reform and that is not going to happen without change knowledge. We must change or become irrelevant.

The following four criteria should be evident: Chapter three focuses specifically on pedagogy and change. As we move forward in this time of technological revolution several things are becoming clearer: District and state infrastructures become redesigned to promote and hold schools accountable to … innovative teaching and learning. Grant Beacon Middle School October 28, As he notes, using the meta-studies of John Hattie, we know a great deal about what skills that teachers as change agents need to have:.

But we MUST explore what technology when properly harnessed and tethered to pedagogy and change management can do for educational reform, if not societal reform. This triumvirate of sorts needs to be the focal point because too many education systems have wrongly concluded that putting technology into the hands of teachers who are less than capable are fooling themselves.


The Sky’s the Limit: 16 Must-Read Quotes from Michael Fullan’s Stratosphere

Fullan brings this way round to technology and education and determines that we have a long way to go. Teachers in small groups become leaders, designers, and active guides to learning.

Irresistibly engaging is simply that state where an individual or individuals are so caught up in doing that time loses coherence; time has no meaning as he notes; by elegantly efficient he means that the products must be easy and natural to use. An interesting title for this relationship to say the least, but nonetheless a valid one, I think. Fullan goes on to mention that students and teachers need to act as teams and he uses various analogies to explain how this can and should happen.

The support for making this happen is also badly underdeveloped. Learning for all is a very real and future possibility if we embrace technology as a slave to our needs; a slave that works in cohort with pedagogy and change management so that we can create a system of education that is future-proof.

His reputation as an expert in education, especially in change management and leadership, speaks for itself. No one would argue that Michael Fullan is committed and devoted to system change in education. He states that the combination of four ideas make the case for the new pedagogy as essence as easy. What can technology do for us?

In short, Fullan wants us to know that education revolution is not a given.