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The Mamiya RB67 Pro SD camera is the latest development in the enduring RB67 series. This version features a larger lens mount opening and still accepts all. The Mamiya RB67 Professional SD is a modular medium format SLR film camera famous for it’s versatility and big beautiful 6x7cm format images. Introduced in. The Mamiya RB67 was designed to stand alongside Mamiya’s equally robust C series of 6×6 TLRs and Mamiya RB67 – Pro SD v7 film back.

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The magnet prevents the slides from falling out. The original requires you to collapse all four sides independently.

Mamiya RB67 Pro SD

No defect has been found. Attaches to Bellows Lens Hood G The film back can only be removed with a dark slide inserted.

Roll Film Inserts Inserts can be pre-loaded with film, at-the-ready for use in Magazines. Customers also shopped for. They are fully meter coupled for automatic or manual exposure. Switch from instant Polaroid proofs to chrome film, to black and white, or any combination instantly in mid-roll. It provides great convenience and protects the masks and slide when not in use. Interchangeable magazines permit a wide variety of films to be used by simply changing magazines or film holders at any time during a shooting session: I send a product by EMS.

As with anything on the RB though, this is part of the fun and challenge. Very padded throughout, plenty of space for proo oversized camera and its accessories.


All format 35mm format 65mm format Large format Medium format. During the last two decades it has earned its reputation as the “workhorse of the pros”.

As the camera uses in-lens leaf shutters you can sync flash at any speed. Double rail attaches to bracket of zoom lens. It is a pain to take on aeroplanes with a 20kg baggage limit tip: Notify me of new comments via eb67.

Supplied with camera Cat. The RB67 Pro SD is a complete mechanical SLR camera system which accepts interchangeable viewfinders, interchangeable multi-format film backs which can be rotated and a comprehensive list of lenses and accessories. Item is in your Cart.

Camera Review: Me and my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S « EMULSIVE

It incorporates an adjustable floating element system for correction of edge sharpness and distortion, especially at wide open apertures and close distances. I was recently lucky enough to buy from ebay mamiyq original Mamiya canvas holdall designed for the RB Polaroid back x 1. Single coated lenses released with the Pro in Still my most used camera. It renders natural perspective with increased depth of field and angular coverage and provides the least amount of distortion, among the wide angle range, for subjects at the edges of the frame.

Applications include fashion, beauty, portraiture, commercial, advertising and industrial photography. Pulling it out slightly will enable firing of the shutter. This useful device can be attached to lenses in cases where it is not possible to use the regular lens hood.


Especially suited for macro and telephoto photography. Combined with the prism finder this rig is theoretically hand holdable. The next exposures will remain in mirror lock mode unless changed. The camera body itself is quite simple and fully mechanical. This was a feature on the original, but a majority of them did not include the printing. A choice of 4 format sizes allows you to pick the perfect format for each job. Now its gone but the GF is getting a lot more use.

Featuring 5 lens elements in 2 groups, it produces a side-correct, distortion-free image. The magnifier now completely covers the opening of the finder. That means no batteries!!! Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Metering — mwmiya quite sure if the metering fitted in ma,iya viewfinders knows more than I do…. Equivalent to 74mm in 35mm format. Features For over two decades, the world-wide popularity of the Mamiya RB Series has earned its reputation as the “workhorse of the pros.

Mamiya extension tubes are precision machined for close-up and macrophotography. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. I participate from Japan. Accepts popular brand vignetters such as Sailwind and Leon.