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(c) MOBOTIX AG • M22M • 10 The M22M-Outdoor represents the latest camera generation by MOBOTIX. . M22 Standard Models (see price list for details). MOBOTIX 3-megapixel high-resolution M22 camera; MOBOTIX. The new mega pixel Mobotix camera systems are capable of not only viewing but also. This application note will guide you through the steps to set up the Turbo NAS and a MOBOTIX IP camera (M22) to record the video files to the NAS via NFS and.

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Hit activate services Step 2: Recording On A Windows Computer This next section is optional and in order to get remote monitoring to work this step is not needed, however because you are going across the public internet I would highly suggest this next step to limit the amount of users gaining access to your camera. Event Logic el Event Sign up now for full access to SourceSecurity.

MOBOTIX Lens Cover for M24/M22 Cameras MX-M24M-OPT-LCSK B&H

Color Settings color Profile And Saturation The reason behind this guide is to save you the hassle of figuring out what the dynamic address of your camera network is each time you want to view the camera.


Installing And Starting Mxviewer Anyone who sends a request to your camera will gain access to that camera. Operating Multiple Cameras Unless you have changed these settings leave them as default. Distributing IP Technology Solutions.

Ip Notify message Ip You might be interested in these products. Decentralized recording and video management technology in the camera software Increases the performance of primary PCs and reduces the amount of storage PCs DVRs by 10 times No additional outdoor camera housing, heating or power supply necessary.

Events, Actions And Messages This guide is for those who want to view a camera remotely.

Events And Storage Options Table of contents Live Viewing Recording In The Mobotix Camera File Transfer action Ft View this content on SecurityInformed. You need to set the camera port to listen to port 80 and a registered port of your choice.

Updating The Camera Software Mobotix camera systems work with standard Ethernet connections, easy cost effective installation. Working With Profiles Compression Format And Image Quality Event Filter ec Event Click admin menu located on the left side of the camera view.

Settings Of Snap Shot Recording Cutting cost not quality.

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MOBOTIX 3-megapixel high-resolution M22 camera

Configuring A Mobotix Camera IP65 Operating Temperature o C: For a guide to on how to port forward for your router go to http: When you are done registering and activating the account log in. Hit proceed to checkout.

Configuring A Softbutton Inbound Phone Calls Mobotkx type is the type of camera you are using. Settings Of History Recording For host name fill in whatever you would like example abptech-mobotix. The screen above is what you get when you log onto your account.

Abp technology is here to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have. Go to Replacement product Datasheet.

MOBOTIX MX-M22M-Sec-D22 IP camera Specifications | MOBOTIX IP camera –

Controls And Event List Even with step by step guides like this it can get complicated. Increased resolution reduces amount of cameras needed – one mega pixel camera can replace several standard cameras. Phone Call-out message Cl Managing Softbutton Functions Camera User Interface Loading Configuration Files Fast Video Streaming