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Krishnamurtis Notebook has ratings and 14 reviews. When KrishnamurtiOs Notebook first became available in , it was soon realized that it was a sp. 7 quotes from Krishnamurtis Notebook: ‘Beyond all explanations which a good brain can give, why do we choose the worse and not the better, why hate rathe. “The exercise content and evaluations in this book are outstanding. Liz “Fitness For Dummies is a real rarity: a f Krishnamurti’s Notebook.

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Meditation is not a search; it’s not a seeking, a probing, an exploration. The understanding, which is the nofebook of conflict, in all its complex varieties, is maturity.

The reality is death and there’s no need for cover. Imagination and illusion are purged from the mind for there is no continuance. Walking up the road, one was aware of the beauty of the earth and the delicate line of the steep hills against the evening sky; of the massive, rocky mountain with its glacier and wide field of snow; of the many flowers in the meadows.

Krishnamurtis Notebook – Jiddu Krishnamurti

It’s the end and beginning of all things. The purity of it remained, leaving one without thought, without action. Only when the brain is free of time, and its responses; utterly still, is there that austere innocency.

Suddenly, most unexpectedly that sacred benediction came upon us, the other felt it too, without our saying anything. As we were driving, the strange intensity and the beauty of these many days came more and more pressing upon one.

Krishnamurti’s Notebook – PDF Drive

Orion was just coming up over the top of that peak that is beyond the curving and wooded hills. Choice, one of the major causes of decline, must wholly cease if it’s to come to an end. It krishnamurtiw be understood by the brain, with its complicated varieties of responses.

It was there taking place, beyond any doubt; it was not a thing of imagination. It was as though the mind itself was going into itself, deeply and widely and the journey seemed to have been without movement. Preview — Krishnamurtis Notebook by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti aedition noticeForeword pp.


It was a marvellous morning. It was a lovely evening; there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky all day long and now notehook purity of the sky and of the shadows was startling and the evening light was a delight.

This otherness was there covering all this, never a little thing being krishnamurtix, and as one lay awake in bed, it came pouring in, filling the mind and the heart. It is a text that invites a lot of reflection, and not one to krrishnamurtis only once.

Krishnamurtis Notebook Quotes

Fourth Talk in Madras Speech. The total krishnamurttis, with its hidden secret demands and pursuits and the many varieties of cunning virtues, must be krishnamuftis quiet, ,rishnamurtis but yet alert and still. The immobility of the body and this great flowing river between the polished granite walls of the brain, went on for an hour and a half by the watch.

All the handwork of man must be denied with a finality before this beauty can be. All last night it seems to have been going on and woke up several times shouting and groaning; even during rest, in the afternoon, it was bad, accompanied by shouting. The setting sun touched the mountain tops, brilliant and breathtaking and the land was still. It was as though one was looking, not with eyes only but with a thousand centuries; it was altogether a strange occurrence.

It had become very quiet, seeing and listening without interpreting, without classifying; it was quiet and there was no entity or necessity to make it quiet. There was only this state and there was no krushnamurtis.

After their publication he was questioned by his listeners on the subject; he was generally dismissive of the importance of process -related events, asserting that all krisnamurtis of mystical experiences was trivial, and, although he continued alluding to otherness -like states, he again avoided any elaboration.

It’s the emptiness that is essential not what’s in the emptiness; there is seeing only from emptiness; all virtue, not social morality and respectability, springs from it. For in this total maturity there is austerity. Everything was asleep save the distant village but its sound didn’t come as high up as this.


You krishhnamurtis never go wrong reading a Krishnamurti book. One could watch them by the hour and listen to their endless chatter; they were very gay and full of fun, even the bigger one, though it had to maintain certain dignity. As the eyes were closed, the body, the brain seemed to plunge into unfathomable depths, into states of incredible sensitivity and beauty.

One can go pretty far in the denial of things that apparently do matter, relationships, the absurdities of society, the conception krisgnamurtis beauty as established by the critics and of those who say they know. Suddenly, there was innocence so simple, so clear and delicate.

Food, clothes and shelter are necessities and they are not needs. As it several times filled a room, this time it seemed to cover the mountainside across the wide, extending valley and beyond the mountains.

To deny certain things is comparatively easy, church and its gods, authority and the power of those who have it, the politician and his ways and so on. The brain was very still and very alive. All striving must cease; then only there is being.

Krishnamurti’s Notebook

According to her, from the s on, Krishnamurti rarely bothered with his finished books Lutyenspp. The existence and history of these experiences had remained unknown outside of the Theosophical Society leadership and Krishnamurti’s circle of close associates and friends.

The freedom from authority, from envy, fear, from loneliness will not bring about that aloneness, with its extraordinary austerity. All the morning the process was on and a cup that had no height and no depth seemed to be full to the overflowing. The essence of self is death but this death was notenook very essence of life as well. This has been going on for four solid months, whatever the environment, whatever the condition of the body.