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Službeni je naziv države: Kraljevina Srba, Hrvata i Slovenaca. Član 2. Grb je Kraljevine Dvoglavi Beli Orao u poletu na crvenom štitu. Vrh obe. KRALJEVINA SHS nastala 1. decembra z združitvijo Države SHS ter Kraljevine Srbije upravno razdeljena na 33 oblasti prestolnica v. Nova država-Kraljevina Srba, Hrvata i Slovenaca (SHS) Kako je stvorena Kraljevina SHS? • Prvog decemra godine predstavnici.

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Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. The National Kkraljevina in Yugoslavia: During krwljevina negotiations that preceded the foundation of the new state, it had been agreed that voting would be secret and based on universal suffrage.

Subdivisions of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In this period before the election of the Constituent Assembly, a Provisional Representation served as a parliament which was formed by delegates from the various elected bodies that had existed before the creation of the state.

Most of the opposition though initially taking their seats declared boycotts as time went so that there were few votes against.

Kingdom of Yugoslavia – Wikipedia

In addition, we have begun to apply this technology to further languages in order ehs build up usage-example databases for other language pairs. The Muslim party sought and got concessions over the preservation of Bosnia in its borders and how the land reform would affect Muslim landowners in Bosnia.

Consisted of the Republic of Serbia — and Republic of Montenegro — Because of the overwhelming data volume, it has not been possible to carry out a manual editorial check on all of these documents.

Kingdom of Montenegro — Metohija controlled by Austria-Hungary — When the Great Depression began inthe Western lenders called in their debts, which could not be paid back. The Radicals had done no better in that region but this presented them far less of a problem because they had campaigned openly as a Serbian party. Indeed, one of the first actions undertaken by the new Yugoslav state in was to break up the estates and dispose of foreign, and in particular Magyar landowners.


Hronologija Kraljevine Srba, Hrvata i Slovenaca

In the process those shw felt it was against their interests to closely follow France. Please note that the vocabulary items in this list are only available in this browser.

The entry has been added to your favourites. The alliance was formalized and entrenched on 9 February when it became the ” Balkan Entente “.

In Daskalov, Rumen; Marinov, Tchavdar.

The search engine displays hits in the dictionary entries plus translation examples, which contain the exact or a similar word or phrase. A royal government-in-exilerecognized by the United Kingdom and, later, by all the Allieswas established in London. The two governments began to normalise relations inas part of the Brussels Agreement.

Despite these measures, opposition to the dictatorship continued, with Croats calling for a solution to what was called the kraljfvina question”. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Other quarrels were those between Serbs and Macedonians, as the Yugoslav kraljsvina had as its official position that the latter were ethnic Serbs. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. A disagreement over electoral law finally led the Democratic Party to vote against the government in Parliament and the government was defeated. The Croatian Republican Peasant Party refused to swear allegiance to the King on the grounds that this presumed that Yugoslavia would be a monarchy, something that it contended only the Constituent Assembly could decide.

Yugoslavia was the third least industrialized nation in Eastern Europe after Bulgaria and Albania. Once you have copied them to the vocabulary trainer, they are available from everywhere. The small middle class occupied the major population centers and almost everyone else were peasants engaged in subsistence agriculture.

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Hronologija Kraljevine Srba, Hrvata i Slovenaca – Wikipedia

Please do leave them untouched. Serbia — included the autonomous kraljeevina of Vojvodina and Kosovo. It had not occurred to them that universal might include women until the beginning of a movement for women’s suffrage appeared with the creation of the new state. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. In an effort to rob the HSS from potential Italian support, a treaty of friendship was signed between the two countries in Pressure intensified, culminating in the signing of the Tripartite Pact on 25 March Horizontal resolution 96 dpi Vertical resolution 96 dpi Software used Paint.

InAlexander decreed a new Constitution which made executive power the gift of the King.

File:Podjela Kraljevine SHS na 33 oblasti.jpg

The city of Rijeka Italian: The letter states of a “horrible brutality which is being practiced upon the Croatian People. Free State of Fiume. King Peter IIwho had escaped into exile, was still recognized as King of the whole state of Yugoslavia by the Allies. He changed the name of the country to “Kingdom of Yugoslavia”, and changed the internal divisions from the 33 oblasts to nine new banovinas on 3 October.

So, now you can see how a concept is translated in specific contexts. Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina — The following data, grouped by first languageis from the population census:. Several thousand Jews lived mostly in major cities; they were well-assimilated and there were no significant problems with anti-Semitism.

Some of the money was lost to graft, although most was used by farmers to improve production and export potential. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.