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The Sackett family is a fictional American family featured in a number of western novels, short . Jublain Sackett (Jubal) – Fourth son of Barnabas Sackett. Dive deep into Louis L’Amour’s Jubal Sackett with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Filled with action, adventure, mystery, and historical detail, the Sackett saga is an unforgettable achievement by one of America’s greatest storytellers. In Jubal.

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The Best Books of I did like Jubal’s character and his wanderlust for adventures in the far mountains, just like his late father, Barnabus Sackett. It felt like the book was written for a younger audience, with the main character’s emotional experiences being made relatable for that audience.

More about Louis L’Amour. Quotes from Jubal Sackett. He idolizes his brothers Tell and Orrin.

Everything, the lives of men and the stories they told, ran to extremes. Unlike novels by such writers as James A. The helpless child has grown into a remarkable woman. So yeah, I loved it and will be reading more Sackett sagas. Other books in this series.

Treasure Mountain Louis L’Amour. I have listened to over 65 titles of various genere, but this is one of the rare ones I will listen to again. What was worth little to us was worth much to them because they were things they could not get elsewhere.

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I enjoyed this one, too, though not quite as much as the last. It is she who will rule her people when their aging chief dies, but first she must vanquish her rival, the arrogant warrior Kapata. I’ve never been a L’Amour fan, to be honest though my mom’s dad had read, I think, every last one of his novelsbut I think I could get into L’Amour easily if I tried. They had crossed Black Fetchen and lived to tell about it. It’s more ambitious than your typical Louis L’Amour offering, but still struggles in terms of quality dialog, action, and romance.

Sackett’s sense of responsibility, his pragmatism, and his senses of honour and duty really endeared this character to me as a role model of sorts. He loves the sights and probably would never choose another way to live.

Jubal and Komi Indian girl have a philosophical discourse on the nature of Change that goes on for pages. With essay by John Gallaher from the Awards year anniversary blog. Warrior Path Louis L’Amour. He looked up to Jubal and stuck by him.

Detailed Review Summary of Jubal Sackett by Louis L’Amour

I really enjoyed the story of Jubal. It doesn’t really hurt the story and only pops up now and again but just came so close to a head shake situation for me that I finally had to admit to myself that I found it a bit silly.

Like his brother, he has ridden the outlaw trail. Jubao fact we had most all of the Sackett books on tape or CD and are now purchacing them all over again through Audible. The descriptions of the scenery, events, people, and situations made you feel as if you were right there living it side-by-side with his characters. When it comes down to it, you just have to pick up a Louis L’Amour every now and then. February 3, — Shelved as: It looked like a black-eyed woman, pretty as a young juval and a hundred times more set to buck any man.


My aunt found this book at an airport and gave it to me.

Jubal Sackett: The Sacketts

A few old Indians had vague recollections of De Soto, but they merely shrugged at our questions. Three memorable quotes from this story are: Filled with exciting tales of the frontier, the chronicle of the Sackett family is perhaps the crowning achievement of one of our greatest storytellers. But when he “preaches” it kills the pace. The other thing that was a little far-fetched was the basis of the novel. She fights alongside him and juba, own warriors.