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Iqtida’al-sirat al-mustaqim. Front Cover. Ahmad ibn ‘Abd al-Halim Ibn Taymiyyah Bibliographic information. QR code for Iqtida’al-sirat al-mustaqim. Iqtida’ al sirat al mustaqim – ibn Taymiyyah (Arabic). Buy Iqtida al-Sirat al-Mustaqim by Ibn Taymiyyah (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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This esea h o p ises of I Tai i ah s iog aph a d the simplified mustawim of his book and his method on discussing about al-tasyabbuh. I itati g i te s of e ellish e t, the i itato akes a effo t to k o each other with the imitatee to imitate the imitateehaving the same manners as the imitatee, takes the same journey as the imitatee and iqtia of their acts.

Maktab al-Islami,8. In his views, there are some relevant views that should be taken into consideration. He was also given the honour to tea h the k o ledge of tafsi at the age of at Ja i al- U eirat i He was born in a very religious family, even his family was well known for their high level of knowledge of Islam.

Master and use copy. Dar al- Fadilah, t. E e the effe t of tas a uh has dirat ee appa e t du i g his ti e, ut his statement is way ahead of his time. Da Ali al-Fa a id.

But when we see the evidences, certainly following them would bring a bad effect and abstaining from them would bring goodness. It is clear that the prohibition of imitating the Bedouins is the same as the rulings regarding imitating the non-A a s. The id ah of constructing mustaqmi structure on a grave, extreme exaltation towards the historical sites of the Prophets, the righteous and etc.


He also referred to the agreed terms that had been imposed to the kafir dhimmi that they are commanded to obey: Thus, not imitating non-Muslims tasyabbuh is one of the sirzt of the Islamic laws. The command of abstaining from certain sects will bring goodness or badness depending on the intention.

Iqtida’ Al Sirat Al Mustaqim

This means that the Muslim scholars agreed that there must be a distinction between the Mustaiqm and the others and there should not be any resemblances between the. This diversity made Muslims come from many types of language backgrounds. There are some cultural aspects that cannot be avoided, such as the way that people dress non-religious dressing and technology.

It is an expression that is related to the act of the imitator who a ts to i itate so that he a e as ho o hat the i itato a ts to e. The prohibition of making tasyabbuh with the Bedouins and the non-Arabs.

Innovations and polytheism that spread among the Muslim ummah iii. Muhammad bin Salih al- Uthai musfaqim o his o e ta of I Tai i ah s state e t fi l stated Itida is the reason why we strictly recommend that we follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW and the practices of Salaf al-Salih in every act. Dutch coalition for peace started in Cairo http: The desi es of the pol theists a e ased o hat the a ta d based on the things that are with them that is their outer appearances that is the result of their deviant religion and the things that are related to it.

Document, Internet resource Document Type: He firmly stated that the people who are learning the knowledge of Islam should understand that being different from non-Muslims is one of the principles of Islam. Mahmoud Khayyal on 27 November. Preview this item Preview this item. Ibid, 37 — You already recently rated this item.


Ibn Taimiya’s Struggle Against Popular Religion

Excessive toleration on imitating non- Muslims could pose a religious pluralism that is forbidden in Islam. When we state of this thing specifically, the general method is included. Da Ih a al-Turath al-Arabi,7: Dar al-Faruq al-Hadithiyyah,3. Celebrations and innovations that the Islamic society practice ix. Amr Moussa on the Egyptian Constitution. We started with stating the evidences from al-Quran, Sunnah a d ij a ega di g the commandment of abstaining from non-Muslims and the mustaqiim of imitating them in every way.

Mohd Sulaiman Nuba, et al.

Dar al-Furqan, Beirut, The group of people that is forbidden to imitate them vi. Ibn Taimiyyah specified that the prohibition of making tasyabbuh with the Bedouins is in the cultural aspect where xl of their cultures are not accepted in Islam.

Ibn Taimiya’s Struggle Against Popular Religion

It is compulsory for them to mustqqim up and give his seat when a Muslim wants to seat 3. In other words, doing things resembling or abstaining from certain sects can sometimes give good or bad effects.

Ibn Taimiyyah divided the problems regarding tasyabbuh into the prohibition of making tasyabbuh with non-Muslims, Satan, the Bedouins and non-Arabs. We updated the Arab West Foundation Website!