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Introduction. (This introduction is not part of IEEE Std P, DraftStandard for a Common Mezza- The mezzanine card’s local bus can be PCI, SBus orother local buses as they are developed in the . Relationship Between VME, VME64 and VMEbus. .. Other Host PCB Mechanics. Compatibility – IEEE P PMC module which complies to PCI Local Bus Specification Revision Provides one multifunction interrupt. 5V signaling. Created for compact PCI Mezzanine Card site rack-based system designs, the read-writer’s form factor (PMC) conforms to the PMC IEEE P/Draft

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SBus cards are Drawings are not to scale. Since IEEE Standards represent a consensus of ddaft concerned interests, it is important to ensure that any interpretation has also received the concurrence of a balance of interests.

It is recommended that mezzanine card handlers the pcj who installs a CMC into a host first touch one of the standoffs to bleed off any electrical static energy, should it be present.

This will allow for double sized CMCs to be plugged into those slots.

PCI Bus, PC CardBus, PCMCIA, Reader Writer, Mezzanine PMC

All mezzanine card standoffs those standoffs near P11 and P13 should be tied to p3186.1 ground at both the mezzanine card and the host board to avoid any “antenna” effects and to minimize the ground difference between the host and mezzanine card. See Figure and Table for point of reference. The position shown is for reference only and is not a recommendation. For two slot hosts, the connector numbers shall be J11 through J14 and J21 through J If a CMC does not use all of the connectors, this space is open to be utilized by additional components.

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Should boards be designed for the 9U height, up to 4 CMC slots can be provided. Transportation pdi Storage Temperature. A special caution is noted as a CMC with connectors missing could be plugged in to a host with all connectors mounted, thereby making restricting component heights in the connector area mandatory. If both voltages can be supported, then both holes shall be provided.

Any table entry that was changed will have a thicker vertical line on the right side of changed entry. These connectors shall be referred to as the plug, or “Pn” connector. The designation of each card size is given in the first column. Figure illustrates how a CMC could be mounted inside a desktop or portable computer host. TP is defined as some point on a mezzanine card’s PCB, near the connector sthat is used by the assembly equipment for the reference positioning of the connector s prior to soldering.

The components on the solder side cover meet the limits of the CPCI specification for maximum height. The maximum height of this area depends on whether the reference plane of the mezzanine card is 10 mm or 13 mm above the host.

Note that a low logic level “L” has a voltage that is lower less than than the high logic level “H”. It is recommended that mezzanine card vendors list the environmental standards, and to which level s that are meet in the product specifications.

The second critical dimension is the perpendicular center line of the CMC connector to the perpendicular center line of the CMC bezel. See Figure for a side view of CMC component area.


If the host module is incapable of supporting any of the modules, it can then report this as an unsupported bus system. The last sentence in paragraph 6.

Multiple mechanical implementations fragments the market and destroys economy of scale for manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing. Taller components can be used dratt the mezzanine card area when 13 mm stacking height is used. Integrated, Kbyte, 4-way, set-associative internal L2 cache operating in 2.22 Table lists these heights that shall be used.

These connectors reside iefe the rear of the mezzanine card. If dratf reader needs more understanding of this grid structure and wants to know how it ties into the international metric measurement systems, the reader should obtain a copy of IEEE If the host’s local bus operates on the 3.

NVME-PMC (Bridge: VME-to-PCI) from – Embedded Computing Design

Transportation and Storage Humidity. This key word is used interchangeably with the phrase “is recommended. This is not a manufacturing dimension with a tolerance. The mezzanine card’s local bus can be PCI, SBus or other local buses as they are developed in the future.

Other entities seeking permission to reproduce portions of this document for these or other uses must contact the IEEE Standards Department for drafft appropriate license. Pn is surrounded by three ground pins and is recommended for critical signals such as the clock signal.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Max power load — per module, combined power rails 5V, 3.