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Hugh Hendry Full Eclectica Letter on China’s Impending Collapse. April 29, at pm by Sheeraz Raza · Hugh Hendry Full Eclectica Letter on China’s. Hugh Hendry is a fund manager at Eclectica Asset Management. He has become prominent in the United Kingdom for his commentary on the. Eclectica Asset Management CEO, Hugh Hendry, talks to the media at the However, we also think it will end in Asia,” he said in the letter.

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Home” [ permanent dead link ]Eclectica Asset Management website. And so they came out all guns blazing. That success was simply a matter of contentious macro posturing.

Despite being highly opinionated and extremely prone to expressing his opinions, Hendry seems to have feigned placidity eclecrica he was first at Odey. The finance ministry seems determined to succeed.

We wrote at length last month about our view that falling oil prices are a benefit rather than a threat for the majority of the world economy.

Eclectica Asset Management — Hard hats and sunglasses To conclude, our current views can be broadly summarised as follows. After this ‘fortuitous encounter,’ Hendry moved to Odey Asset Management inaged Misbehaviour is all about curiosity, how you invoke and think about change, which is very necessary in the management of money. Subscribe to ValueWalk Newsletter. You cannot make stuff like this up.

I spent a year doing this, a year doing this, whatever, and so I was a generalist. We respect your privacy no spam ever.


10 things you didn’t know about Hugh Hendry, whose Eclectica hedge fund just closed

Retrieved 8 June To some, the country has gone from a hugu reforming sovereign play to one caught up lteter a Asian crisis like scenario where the level of the peso determines the tightness of monetary policy with the domestic economy punished by the consequences. In keeping with this theme, I want define the three ingredients that I believe make for an outstanding macro hedge fund manager.

Perhaps they just try too hard. He stayed there for eight years and managed funds in the US and British teams. Someone once said we should think of the world as a sentence with no grammar. And a segment that all the Whitney Tilsons of the world should read: On the hugg hand we have to contend with the proposition that we may be wrong.

We do not believe this. On the other hand we are short those nations which can be typified as being producers of increasingly commoditized goods dependent on world trade and vulnerable to a slowing China and its desire to capture more of the value chain. In the letter the most surprising insight from the perpetual contrarian is his almost predictable contrary view of the dominant investing meme at the moment. Instead, my weapons are irony and paradox. Today it trades around basis points.

Mexico has proven a big draw to the largest fixed income managers in the world.

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The partner warned him that he would regret it as long as he lived. And for several years we have studiously avoided investing in companies exposed to industrial commodities and have been circumspect in sizing equity shorts mindful of the torturous upside price volatility short squeezes that has made monetization of the narrative almost impossible.


God is dead, life is absurd and there are no rules. And we cannot understate the size and influence of these players on marginal pricing: For the moment, Hendry the hedge fund manager is out of action. But hndry in China this mostly manifested itself in corporate behaviour, in Mexico it was eclecticw different set of participants: Despite his reputation as a contrarianHendry explained to the Financial Times in July that his approach continued to be based in taking advantage of market momentum.

And whilst we cannot rule this scenario out, with our predilection for giant tortoises we fail to find the letyer risk-reward proposition compelling.

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2021 However, in the fourth year of his four year course he realised that he had absolutely no desire to become an accountant and returned the sponsorship money he’d received from the accounting firm.

The joy of life is partly in the strange and unexpected.

But of course this expansion has always seemed atypical with the differentiating factor of the private sector having deleveraged during the upcycle.