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Adobe Acrobat can perform the OCR, even correct the suspected OCR errors during the recognition. In Acrobat X Pro or Acorbat XI Standard: 1. Open PDF in. Sometimes when I try to run OCR on my documents, I get a message that says, cannot run OCR as this page contains renderable text. What is that and how. This is the process for running OCR on a PDF so that it is searchable, using point to “OCR Text Recognition,” and then point to “Recognize Text Using OCR.

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texf That introduces a lot of noise into the image. Thank you for the article. Posted 16 January – Kevin December 19, at Thanks for the useless reply.

You might want to try two methods to reduce the size of the resulting document. PDF files to a Depending on the version of Acrobat you have, the message may read something like: Re-run the OCR process. Posted 18 January – I have tried specifying different output styles and starting from scratch deleting the transitional files a number of times – the latter because I noticed that after right-clicking and converting the.

I tried a bunch of the other stuff here, too. That is all the help I can give you. Frustrating formatting problems lead the client to ask me to rekey the first manual. I would discover what process was adding renderable text which makes a nonsense of the idea of OCR and stop it doing that.


Ideationizing: How to remove Renderable Text from .PDF files to allow OCR

It also makes the fext practically useless for any academic or business purpose. Robertson June 10, at In older versions yext Acrobat, if vector text was found outside of the page boundaries, Acrobat would refuse to OCR the document. So, it seems Mac users are stuck with the Adobe recommendation. I have an older version. Robertson June 16, at 8: This message will sometimes occur when trying etxt make a scanned paper PDF file text searchable also know as adding OCR to a document.

I read a forum post that said this worked for them. I have a possible halfway house. It is acceptably readable but it looks weird and those words or letters aren’t selectable.

Most academics will be dealing with scanned documents, where the “document” is actually just a series of images of pages stored in the.

So, only use the “Searchable Image exact ” output style if the document also contains images which you absolutely must retain in their original quality. JPG is inherently a “lossy” file format. No I am not going to give you a tutorial on how to do that.

Sometimes software just doesn’t handle certain patterns of data sequences within their own data. The ClearScan output style results in very nice looking text as well as files that are usually less than twice the size of the original, sometimes even smaller than the original. It will read the file and not raise any red flags.


Removing renderable text from pdf

PDF file size is only slightly less ginormous than the. You don’t have an easy problem and I hope you are able to bill for it suitably.

TIFF forces one re-encoding and then reading the file back into Acrobat forces the images to be re-encoded back into. A learning experience is one of those things that say, “You know that thing you just did? Click here to Register a free account now! I had thought Adobe had learned better than this by now. This was a very frustrating afternoon!

Fix the OCR error Could Not Perform Recognition in Acrobat

Perhaps a hpw or footer having the path to where the file is created. Your final files are likely to be somewhat larger than the original file, depending on the original document and which OCR output style you choose.

Thanks to this thread, I found this out!