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The article focuses on how the German car manufacturer, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW, is managing the effects of population aging. In June , Nikolaus Bauer, the head of BMWs employee power train plant in Dingolfing, Lower Bavaria, asked two of his production line managers. The German car company has redesigned is factory for – and with – older workers.

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Performance from problem solving. The goal is to incorporate it across BMW s global manufacturing organization. Trainees reported a 90 percent improvement in the number of leaders displaying positive leadership behaviors. There are many reasons why children. Teachers and performance management: Completing these forms killed me. Every idea raised was taken seriously, so employees felt secure hlw to brainstorm freely.

Physiotherapy Department Rehabilitation after shoulder dislocation Information for patients This information leaflet gives you advice on rehabilitation after your shoulder dislocation.

The team encouraged workers to write their ideas on cards and pin them on a board. We need your experience and skills to pull this off, and it s important for the future of this plant. Mistakes new managers often make The pressures and challenges new managers face Tips for. The approach varies from improvement in health and safety issues to enriching the skills tike to concrete improvements at the workplace.

I m in the Principal s Seat, Now What??? I used to be a farmer. The physical complaints decreased and everyone had noticed the effect. You can change your cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them.

Immediate manager More information. Wave after wave of early retirements in the s and s increased the ratio of retired to working citizens, making the harvard business review march page 1. BMW s problem was that the average age of the plant s workers was expected to rise from 39 to 47 by Because older workers tend to call in sick for longer periods and in general must work harder to maintain their output, bearing the full brunt of the demographic shift would threaten the plant s ability to execute BMW s strategy of enhancing competitiveness through technological leadership and productivity improvements.


Ergonomics is designing a job to fit. The job interview is an opportunity to convince an employer that you have the skills and qualities needed More information.

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In Canada s property and casualty insurance industry, a challenging labour market. A real challenge More information. This is for More information. Stress is not an illness in itself but it is characterized by a feeling. Ergonomics for Schoolchildren and Young Workers Ergonomics for Schoolchildren and Young Workers Schoolchildren and Backpacks Schoolchildren everywhere are being asked to carry more and more weight around on their backs.

Let s see how Bauer and his colleagues resolved this apparent dilemma. What will retirement feel.

Another approach is to move older workers into jobs that are less physically demanding, but this is not an option if there are not enough young workers to take their places. But it is obviously very important for employees to be engaged and to care.

Making the Transition to Management Overview Advice on making the move to a management or supervisory position. Computer Workstation Ergonomic Self Evaluation Use this guidance to perform a preliminary evaluation of your workstation, and make any adjustments that are necessary to achieve a correct neutral posture. Jan Tissing can t stand it when he sees people in poor. The estimated health care costs for More information.


The employees themselves decided whether the idea should be implemented and not the management. The managers and foremen deliberately abandoned control: These demographid pushed workers to take charge of their well-being and of the project.

It includes how we hold our bodies when we. Drivers InBMW was worried about the decline in productivity of the increasingly aging workforce. Solutions range from employeefriendly exercise More information.

In Novemberthe company organized an information harvard business review march page 2. Deffusing doing your job make your body hurt? This showed us that the project could make sense.

Keep your thighs parallel to the More information. This trend will prove expensive: Overview Project Managing Business Process Improvement Initiatives Gina Abudi Business process improvement initiatives prove to be some of the more challenging projects for project managers. In Octoberboth the line s shifts were staffed with a mix of workers reflecting the plant s projected demographic composition.

By choosing to implement a Workplace Wellness Program you are making a smart investment in the health and productivity of. We refrained from evaluating, criticizing, or rejecting single ideas. Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly known as More information.

A first of its.

How BMW Is Defusing the Demographic Time Bomb – PDF

Global Human Capital Dwfusing Hitachi s Approach As the role of corporations expands with respect to global social issues like the environment, poverty, and human rights, Hitachi seeks to address the needs and values of its diverse More information.

Capacity in America s. The company is working with employees to ensure they understand the vital.