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When to Use This Form. FIRST APPEAL: This request is made by completing the SSAU2, Request for Reconsideration. If you are uncertain whether this is. Create a SSA U2 Form in minutes using a step-by-step template. A SSA U2 form is used by the Social Security Administration. Form SSAU2 () ef (). Title II. Title VIII (See VB ). ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS THAT ARE INITIAL DETERMINATIONS.

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This description should reference your limits when it comes to standing, walking, sitting, lifting, bending, squatting, using your hands, concentrating, paying attention, remembering tasks, following instructions, and interacting with others.

Many people do not like giving out their Social Security Number but you must enter it as part of the reconsideration process. Simply state that you are appealing the disability decision at the prior level.

Most initial applications are denied and you should appeal the decision to give yourself the best chance of getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI benefits. Enter the address at which you can receive and check your mail. To complete this step you must fill out three forms.


If the SSA has given you a different claim number then enter it. The next step is filing a request for reconsideration appeal with the Ssa-561-y2.

Because there are many deadlines that may apply to your claim, you want to check your mail regularly. Do not use any nicknames that friends, family members, or past employers called you. Provide a phone number where you can be reached. This should be someone you trust to take messages and relay them to you.

Enter your full name, including your middle name. The SSA is asking what you are appealing.

If you have concerns about your ability to check your mail, find an address where you can stop by at least three times per week. If you do not always have a telephone due to lack of funds, ask a friend or family member if you can use their phone number as your primary contact.

Form SSAU2 Request for Reconsideration | Disability Lawyer

Usually your Social Security Number is the claim number. Below are instructions for completing the Request for Reconsideration so that you have the best chance possible of getting approved.

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You or your attorney should write that that you disagree with the decision denying your initial application for benefits then provide a summary of what you are capable of ssa-516-u2 physically and mentally.

You should also include a summary of the treating medical provider opinions that support your claim. If you have any questions or concerns about completing the form or your case, contact disability lawyer Richmond and SSD attorney Virginia Beach Corey Pollard for a free, no obligation consultation. If your initial application for disability benefits is denied, the Social Security Administration SSA will send you a letter stating why it was denied.