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Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize One of the Washington Post Book World’s 10 Best Books of the Year One of Time’s 10 Best Books of the Year USA Today’s. This is the Story of The American Military Adventure in Iraq. The Heart of the story Fiasco has to tell, which has never been told before, is that of a Military. But many officers have shared their anger with renowned military reporter Thomas E. Ricks, and in ‘Fiasco’, Ricks combines these astonishing on-the- record.

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One of the best of many recent books on this subject. He speaks well of many of the fine commanders on the ridks, men like Gen. America’s Military Adventure in Iraq. Jun 21, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Ricks Limited preview – Ricks’ book “Fiasco” which oddly although written in and directly addresses our current problems in the Middle East. One thing becomes quickly obvious: Moving into the war, Ricks alleges various miscommunication and mismanagement of the Army’s combat tactics as well as criticizing the overall strategy.

Fiasco by Thomas E. Ricks | : Books

But almost all these previous critiques focused on President Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and other civilian leaders of the Bush administration. Penguin- History – pages.

The main focus at this point is pretty much on the predicament that the United States military found itself in and its inability to more than sporadically remedy glaring defects. The book covers the period up to the end of The only problems that remain in my mind are the questions of whether or not it’s too late, and whether or not the resources for “full support” exist.

A willful blindness gripped political and fisco leaders, and dissent was not tolerated.

Now that the damage is starting to be cleaned up, I am cautiously optimistic, but there is still too much to be done here. Account Options Sign in. The American Military Adventure in Iraq. Thomas Fiassco “Tom” Ricks born September 25, is an American journalist who writes on defense topics.

Betting Against History and its Postscript are extremely prescient. But the officers who did raise their voices against the miscalculations, shortsightedness, and general failure of the war effort were generally crushed, their careers often ended. The Afterword does indeed precisely describe the c If you want to understand our current situation this is a MUST read. The other thing that Ricks could have done, like Halberstam, is taken time to give a short biography on the key players.


Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq – Thomas E. Ricks – Google Books

The effects of both invasions–with inadequate troop strength, slow adaptability to the enemy’s tactics, and a lack of clear objectives and cultural awareness if not sensitivity–are still being felt, in our war dead, and our surviving veterans, and in the Middle East. Other than a few brief sentances stating riicks he was more effective than Paul Bremer we learn nothing of him other than that he was involved in a “successful” counter insurgency in Central America.

If humans were able to learn from history, then this fiasco would be one of the lessons I would put on the curriculum. I had so much more I wanted to say about this book, but I won’t. The only consolation is that Iraq became relatively more stable after the US corrected many mistakes it committed in Gosh, there’s so much fiaco say about this book, I hardly know where to begin!

Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq

This is not an easy read – it is gut wrenching, it is angering, it makes one wonder how fiasci U. I guess it should come as no surprise, then, that a pre-presedential politician who goes on to steal an election goes on to lie to the world in order to preemptively invade a sovereign country.

During the presidential campaign, Bush and Cheney said that they thought that “Bill Clinton had used the military too much in his foreign policy. Ricks’s tale is based around good access and on-the-record quotes, in the style of Ircks Woodward but thankfully with less personality intruding.

Or were they really that arrogantly impervious to uncomfortable truths?

Fiasco is the story of the early part of the Iraq War. How will we do it, and what resources and means will we employ in doing it? It was a campaign plan for a few battles, not a plan to ric,s and secure victory.

What Ricks documents from many of sources is that while many in the military obviously knew lessons about the US’s conflict in Vietnam resulting from the unconventional tactics used there, many struggled to apply the relevant lessons to Iraq for a key reason: Containment and Its Discontents. We got ourselves into a counter-insurgency war. Peacekeeping of the type done in the Balkans in the s rjcks hardly the same thing, so our recent experiences there did little to alleviate the problem except to the extent they may have influenced the education of the Petraeuses of the world at the individual level.


An excellent, clear-sighted, and well-named review of the numerous and heretofore less well known fiascl which contributed so much to the conflict in Iraq. Baghdad is the mother of Arab culture, and they want to wipe out our culture, absolutely. What most surprised me about the book is that it gives the impression that with better management and a plan, the invasion might have actually worked out on some level – a proposition I had been reluctant to ticks.

This work and others as well raises important questions about the extent to which the American effort to create democratic nation building in Iraq was doomed from the start. The author shows a couple of examples of times and places in Iraq where some military leaders and their commands did do things right and were actually making headway in improving conditions for the local population, building relationships, and uprooting the insurgency – but were transferred out and replaced by other units that took the same brutal, ignorant approach that has typified most of this occupation, undoing the good that had been done.

America will be dealing with this for years and years, maybe forever.

I turned over so many pages to go back and see citations or quotes that I can’t possibly list a fourth of them here. Not to mention the set up for future conflict and the almost complete destruction of the United States international reputation.

Thomas Ricks’ Fiasco,reviewed.

Fiascoo problem, of course, was that there was not a lot of thought given to the “folllow-on,” how the U. Iraq, as of earlyappears to be wobbly, but it has become a more independent state and the mechanisms of government created over the past several years creak along.

The central link to all of these mistakes was the leadership in Washington who so strongly believed their own version of reality that they simply could not conceive the possibility of their being wrong.

Fiasco did not disappoint.