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Answered by: Tom Kyte – Last updated: January 24, – am UTC. Category: Database – Version: 10gr1 Ok, so it has been four years since Expert One on One Oracle has been released. Author of this Tip: Thomas Kyte. Tom Kyte. 27 Mar Source code for ‘Expert One-on-One Oracle’ by Thomas Kyte – Apress/exp-one- on-one-oracle. 10 Nov A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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Expert One-on-One Oracle

For the electronic edition you bh have people registering their printed editions and then provide access like they do on the O’reilly site. You will make more money. Tom, I would ask that in your SQL section you dig deep into the topic of heirarchical queries, particularly with cumulative factors, as in this thread: Things I’d like to see: Tom, 1 I would prefer a single volume book only if that meant you didn’t have to cut any material.

Jon from Redwood Shores, CA. Tanmoy Datta Choudhury from Bangalore,India. The onn thing is, there’s a new great book on the horizon. Your scripts and your work I believe they’re as used as readed.

I think the decision to create multiple volumes or not should be dictated by the material itself. Since I would be buying everything you publish, 1 volume would be more convenient than several.

A practices addendum could be interesting too. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Tom why instead of writing book you solve the problem from root, why don’t you design Oracle University courses, or private courses.

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Maybe you need to offer small and large print versions ; Thanks for soliciting our opinions, -Mike. I will buy your new edition even it have nothing new. Kevin from Leesburg, Va. Use the “was this useful to you” link on the bottom of this page. Of course, size matters We have to look into the pn of the Book. I wish this would be a one volume orafle Hard Cover to safe guard it. A reader from UK. Tom I love the way to give solutions to thoams of the orafle using SQL.

M Tom has fully revised and expanded the architecture-related sections from Expert One-on-One Oracle a searchable PDF of which is included on the CD accompanying this bookand added substantial new material.

Tom, I think a multi-volume approach is a very good idea. Going against the trend September 02, – I have no idea about changes. September 02, – 5: You have no idea how many times I’ve read chap. So to get as much Tom Kyte knowledge as possible multi-volume approach is fine with me.

Expert One-on-One:Oracle by Thomas Kyte (Wrox) (Books forum at Coderanch)

Andy from United Kingdom. May I humbly suggest a couple of pages about Parallel Plans interpretation eg what “Parallel Combined With Parent” means, how to read the slaves subqueries. Online version September 09, – 7: Thank oracld for clear and working examples. I spend 3 hrs commuting, ny. Make sure that you get the version of this book from “APress”, as I purchased one from the “New and Used” and got stuck with the version from “Oracle Press”.


Do you really dxpert to do the same for the 2nd edition? I have never found a practical approach with examples taking into consideration a “Single Query” Like how to make full table scan, what would be advantage of that.

Taking us through analysis, design, test, and deployment?

First install and security. Your book September 03, – He focuses solely on 9 i and 10 g architecture in this book and refers to the CD for 8 i -specific details. I read alot of books, so I would buy all the books together.

Size matters nevermind what people tell about.

A reader from USA. Please go multi volume, as mentioned earlier makes it much easier for the first time read while in bed or traveling.

I like the idea of code examples that give the minimum privs to do the job. I cheated and know you’ve answered this before. We need a chapter full of arguments against putting the business logic out of the database, and about the database independence myth. If splitting it into volumes would cause the first volume to appear sooner — go for it.

A complete user guide for understanding computers and software. Why not make the book available for download not free in PDF format.