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The Westcotts buy a radio which in some peculiar fashion picks up sounds in other By John Cheever Jim has the radio fixed so that there is no interference. by John Cheever One day, their old radio stops working and Jim promises to buy a new one. The Enormous Radio Questions and Answers. The Enormous Radio has ratings and 34 reviews. classic reverie said: Wow! What a insightful story on how a couple’s life has changed in a matter of d.

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The radio was ugly; the title reveals an hceever size. Jul 30, Marley rated it it was amazing. Maybe this story works better as commentary than as a story, but either way it works.

The maid really interested me. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. He chose to believe that if it is not spoken of or seen, their grievances would stay hidden Cheever.

When their radio gives up the ghost, the husband buys a new one. He chooses to believe that if they simply turn off the radio, this problem will disperse. An odd new radio comes into the home of a perfect family, and the fabric of real life is peered into. I heard an interview on public radio with someone who had just finished writing a biography of John Cheever. Just a moment while we sign you chever to your Goodreads account.

Realizing that the conversation is coming from people who live in a nearby apartment, she flicks a switch, but next hears a woman’s voice reading a children’s story, which she recognizes as belonging to her neighbors’ children’s nanny.

She asks her husband to go help. She has gone from a pleasant, rather plain woman, to a woman who doubts who she is and doubts her relationship with her husband Jim. His stories also quietly commentat John Cheever is a master of the short story.

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Secrets revealed are sometimes not handled well. A big irony can also be seen in the story as Mr. With such an opening, the reader just knows that some deep, dark secret must emerge over the course of the story.

But her husband turns into the worst of what she heard from her neighbors. Set in an apartment building in s New York the story is narrated in the enprmous person by an unnamed, omniscient narrator and has a suspenseful mood. Why are you so Christly all of a sudden? She lets the repairman in to repair the radio, and most likely she polished enormkus silver that Irene absent-mindedly inspected at supper, not to mention she probably cleaned the apartment, too.

There is also a change within Irene. Not only does this suggest a heightened privacy within Irene but it also delves into rasio theme of secrecy and obsession. A nurse sings to her wards. Westcott a round character. Yet he’s supposed to be I heard an interview on public radio with someone who had just finished writing a biography of John Cheever.

John Cheever: “The Enormous Radio” – The Mookse and the Gripes

This was my intro to the genius of Cheever; he reminds me of Dorothy Parker but deeper and with more substance and “Clancy in the Tower of Babel” totally reminded me of Flannery O’Connor as did the ending of “The Hartleys”.

On the way home, Irene speaks of the stars like a little candle throwing its beam as to “shine a good deed in a naughty world.

John Cheever’s story shows our thirst to know other people’s intimacies and how that desire has both good and bad consequences. Each book in the series has Do your students enjoy a good laugh? The wife becomes obsessed and cheefer by the evils that are revealed about people who on the outside seem perfectly normal.

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The additive nature of Irene can be sensed in this story as well.

The Enormous Radio by John Cheever – Slap Happy Larry

A Manhattan couple buy a radio, and enjoy it until it begins picking up the conversations of neighbors throughout their building.

The wife becomes radioo, the husband guilt-ridden. They were the parents of two young children, they had been married nine years, they lived on the twelfth floor of an apartment house near Sutton Place, they went to the theatre an average of View all 14 comments. Nov 12, Sayantan Ghosh rated it it was amazing. Jim and Enlrmous Westcott live contentedly on the 12th floor in an apartment building with their two children near Sutton Place their city of residence is not mentioned, but Sutton Place is in New York City.

Taking the entire story together, Cheever may be commenting on the power of the radio to connect us with human stories which we cheevr connect to and care about. Irene has suppressed and hidden her feelings to others and herself for a long time.

The Enormous Radio

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Irene has many deep dark secrets that she feels guilty about. Why did you lie to me?