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Find Blasters’ Handbook by Dupont at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. With the blaster-in-charge as the focus, the 18th Edition Blasters’ Handbook third printing is divided into four parts emphasizing safety, security and. Blasters’ handbook, describing practical methods of using explosives for various Wilmington, Del., E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & company, incorporated,

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If the blaster cannot get under safe hanbook he should always face the blast with his back to the sun, as this gives him the best chance to watch and avoid any flying matter. When the blasting cap is placed on the fuse, fasten it securely in place with a cap crimper Fig. In all cases it should be several hours. In general, when changing from a higher hansbook explosive blsaters a lower, it may be found necessary slightly to increase the ratio, as shown in the table of the number of cartridges required, on account of the lower velocity of detonation and the increased bulk of the charge, which may make a difference in the point of location of the charge, and the degree of expansion in the bore hole.

Blasters’ Handbook

The first charge usually consists of one or two cartridges, this being increased in subse- quent charges until the chamber is sufficiently large to hold the requisite quantity of explosives. The explosive primed with a blasting cap and a short section of fuse can be dropped on the floe from the shore or from the down stream side of a bridge.

Of these fluids, the worst are the strong saline liquids, even though they be in small amounts, and the bore- hole washings in certain kinds of rock. The needle is then withdrawn, the squib placed in the mouth of the opening and lighted.

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For work in the open, the nature of these does not matter, but for underground work an explosive that gives off objectionable or dangerous fumes should not be used.

It is best to shoot one hole at a time. Bore holes should never be charged with blasting powder when a steam shovel, locomotive or any other source of duponh or hot coals is operating blasterw the vicinity, without complete protection in the way of screens and covers to protect the powder.

Sign up to receive offers and updates: Cases of high explosives should be stored top side up; in other words, so that the cartridges are lying flat and not standing on end. If it becomes necessary to remove the tamping, this dry material makes an excellent index of just blasrers far down it is safe to remove the tamping. The loading is exactly the same as for ditches and either the propagation or electric method may be employed.

These are so constructed dupon there is a short lapse of time after the current is applied before the first delays explode, and a longer delay before the second delays explode. Where such barriers do not exist, the distances should be doubled. For such a condition the blast should be made not less than three feet deep. First Delay Electric Blasting Cap. Grasp the handle with the right hand, with the back of the hand toward you.

The paper may block the needle hole and stop the travel of the squib.

Blasters Handbook 16TH Edition TH Anniversary Edition: Dupont: : Books

It is the slowest acting of all of the explosives. All explosives, in this respect, act in exactly the same manner, and, no matter what explosive is used, loading and tamping must be performed very carefully. It is driven into the ground with sledges and loosened by pounding on the side. One miner objects strongly bblasters the fumes of an explosive to which another miner has become so accustomed that he would not tolerate the fumes from any other.


Today this aim has been achieved by a system of mills and magazines, strategically located near prac- tically every great industrial district. There are 1 items available.

Under ordinary conditions careful following of the methods described should produce satisfactory results. The prejudice in favor of a certain explosive is sometimes so great that the utmost patience and perseverance are required in order to induce miners to use an explosive which is really better adapted for the work in their particular mine.

Catalog Record: Blasters’ handbook, describing practical | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Vertical drainage is practicable for draining clay pits, roads, railroads, fields, ponds and many other places. Water-proof electric blasting caps are designed for use in water up to 30 feet in depth. When using fuse, it is impossible to fire two or more charges at exactly the same time. Power or lighting circuit. In badly ventilated places, du Pont Gelatin usually gives the least fumes, but where the action of a gelatin is too strong for the material — as in mining blastwrs, rock salt and other soft rocks — the Monobels, partic- ularly Monobels 5 and 6, Duobels and Durox, give excellent results.