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Hi everyone! First time posting. Does anyone have opinions on the Drawmer M?. Find great deals for Drawmer M Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Drawmer M dynamics processor in excellent little rack rash, very clean, some scratches top and bottom lidOnly minor use in smoke free.

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Drawmer M – sosrecordingshop

All threshold parameters can be dfawmer simultaneously. S2 – Dual Channel Tube Compressor. A front panel LED indicates temperature status. So what you hear is what you get – precisely. Restoration or repair could prove very expensive. This makes it possible to have a main output sample rates of up to kHz with another running at Instead, it uses a dynamic filter which senses the highest frequency of incoming program material and opens a dtawmer to that frequency.

The main features of the Drawmer DF include: Each digital output has selectable word length of 16 or 24 bits, with automatic dither generation. Its ability to combine up to seven ‘effects’ simultaneously is unsurpassed. June 16, Our most versatile product, the HQ preamp and D-A converter straddles both the pro-audio and hi-fi markets, functioning in the pro audio market as a monitor controller, as well as serving as a source preamp in high-end hi-fi systems.

The internal low jitter clock generator is Grade 1 AES standard. A single red light showed limiting action. The is ideally suited as a front end for Digital Workstations, ‘Direct to Digital’ classical recordings, stereo mastering, two-channel sound reinforcement mixing and many more broadcast and studio applications. A ten element universal meter could be switched to show VU or GR.


The limiter section was selectable by a toggle switch. Drawing on our many years experience in professional audio we have developed a series of lower-cost Drawmer dynamic signal processors, the MX Pro range.

An example of this is when old recordings are remastered for CD. The types of dynamic processing found on the M includes traditional compressor, limiting, de-essing, a gate, and an expander.

Alternatively, any combination of processing can be achieved by rear panel patching.

Drawmer M500 Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander

An LED display of limiter activity. Send to a friend Drawmer M The Drawmer M provides everything you could ask from the most powerful digitally controlled dynamics in the world and more. Delay time is variable over a This isn’t something that we have in our main room, rather it’s in one of the smaller producer’s suites and frankly doesn’t see all that much action.

The Drawmer E was a four stage, single channel passive equaliser, followed by a stage of makeup gain to make up for the insertion loss of passive circuitry. The compressor section had threshold down to dB, ratio of 1: With M-Clock, all your ‘pro’ and consumer digital equipment can run in the same system, locked to the same clock, with no worries about finding a suitable sync source.

Control Voltages for each delay line are in anti-phasei. Analogue to digital mastering, reducing tape hiss and noise resulting from high gain and high frequency boost on mixing consoles. Logged holm Newbie Offline Posts: Remember password Log in.

Drawmer M J500 Occ Condition New The Drawmer M provides everything you could ask from the most powerful digitally controlled dynamics in the world and more. In ‘Peak’ mode the ‘Q’ of the filter is 2. Analogue inputs accept audio on balanced XLRs and unbalanced phonos.


M – Midi Management System.

If you want to offer us some equipment for purchase or trade in some gear, please refer to the “purchase” section. Did you forget your password?

vintagetools shop | Drawmer M dynamic processor

Fifteen selectable algorithms are offered to apply to the digital output, with formats and levels to match all types of programme material. DL – Dual Compressor.

In applications where the dynamics of the material need to be retained to create an open sound, the limiter is essential for catching peaks. Because the Drawmer E used a passive equaliser circuit, seperate filter sections were provided for cut and boost. Although a wide range of manual control is available, all Expanders and Compressors are programme adaptive, taking account of the dynamics of the signal being processed. A multi section delay having a maximum delay time drrawmer 80mS, has taps at 10mS, 30mS, 50mS and 80 mS which are fed to draamer channel 1 or channel 2 by the touch button selectors.

Drawmer M500

Please enter a valid e-mail address Reset password You’ll receive an e-mail with a link for resetting your password. June 14, If the peak limiter threshold is exceeded for more than a few milliseconds, additional gain reduction will be rrawmer to reduce the overall signal level to within accepted limits without distortion.

Keypad or MIDI triggerable.