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atmosphere coupled with outstanding sound absorp- tion, DORMA MOVEO acou – stic surfaces can also be integrated in the mm thick elements, offering all. DORMA Moveo Glass Combined With a Fully Automatic Solution. Dorma moveo fully automatic Semi-Automatic DORMA Variflex at Clyde Campus in Glasgow. The movable sound insulating and glass wall systems from Dorma Hüppe offer the very highest quality, functionality and variability for room-dividing and.

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Flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition doorma and studios. Vertical frame profile width: Conventional steel-aluminum construction Wide range of models and options Sound insulation up to Rw 60 dB Element heights up to Support Contact Architectural Services. Variflex Movable walls for modern living spaces.

With ddorma systems, it is possible to modify room sizes with ease, flexibility and speed, and thus adapt them to different occupant group sizes.


Acoustic insulation Rw, minimum. For efficient space utilisation Flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centers and studios. Steel track system moceo large element heights and high weights, with special mechanical coding in the carriers, plus curves and switches for maximum operating ease and effortless positioning of the elements, without electrical, pneumatic or mechanical actuation.

Floor plans thus become multifunctional and more spatially efficient. Operating Modes 2-Point Suspension Panel systems provide the ultimate in flexibility.


Dorma Moveo® Glass Semi-automatic Moveable Wall

Moveable Glass Partitions Operable Partitions. Available in Rw44 and Rw50 configurations. We create room and function. Your browser does not support automatic copy to clipboard.

Dorma Moveo® Glass Semi-automatic Moveable Wall – Style – Moveable Partition Specialists

The system is controlled by means of a user-friendly touch screen. Odrma efficient space utilization Conference rooms and offices are today able to benefit movel flexible spatial management.

It comprises individual top hung full height panels of equal size, made to measure to suit site dimensions. Power is conducted between panels by end-face sliding contacts and controlled by a central key switch.

Offered as standard with automated horizontal seals, MOVEO is mpveo obvious choice in glazed operable walls solutions. Facebook Twitter YouTube Contact us: The following content references this product:. Increasingly, flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centres, studios and similar. Horizontal frame profile width: Safety is ensured though an integrated monitoring system and shuts down on contact with an obstruction.

Press Releases Product Releases. When the wall is closed between fixed abutments, it gives the appearance of a solid flush wall. Support Contact Architectural Services. ComforTronic electronically controlled extension and retraction of the sealing strips Premium operating system: Moveeo powder coated to RAL Mechanical emergency unlocking is incorporated as well as a safety button constant pressure operation to the vertical telescopic seals.

MOVEO Glass is a operable wall system capable of successfully combining transparency and sound insulated technology. ComfortDrive fully automatic operation of the elements and electronically controlled extension and contraction of the sealing strips Internal acoustic core integrated in elements within an overall thickness of mm: With our Movable Walls systems, you have at your disposal operable partition systems capable of harmoniously combining daylight-flooded and sound-insulated room concepts.


Intelligent solutions are often required that facilitate multiple domra configurations that combine both the feeling of openness and privacy. To find out more about producing specifications for building projects visit www. Moveable Glass Partitions Operable Partitions. There is a demand for intelligent solutions that enable a multifunctional and yet open-plan spatial configuration.

Operable Partitions Increasingly, flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centres, studios and similar. Style – Moveable Partition Specialists Web: Other content by this manufacturer: Each panel is moved independently into position. doram

The track is manufactured from extruded aluminium and the track junctions incorporate drop forged roller bearings. Conference rooms and offices are today able to benefit from flexible spatial movoe. Offices, hotels, exhibitions and studios increasingly require flexible and efficient space utilization. MOVEO’s horizontal acoustic seals are automatically extended and retracted as the panels are positioned.

Toughened safety glass TSG.