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Cazadores Oscuros — Sherrilyn Kenyon. Un Amante de El Juego de la Noche #5 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Disfruta de la Noche #6 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Pecados de la. Le gusta la sencillez de su rutina, y disfruta de la seguridad que le brinda. Pero una noche de tormenta un intruso altera el equilibrio de su. ¡Si quieres una lectura corta bien caliente, disfruta! Disponible en la biblioteca de Sam Crescent. Publicadas por Club del Ataúd a la/s · Enviar esto por.

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Seize the Night

They are just so crazy and together there is some real magic! The tragic and sad events and the funny events in this book have a great balance between them.

Seize the Night goes into the collection of my all-time favorite novels. Destiny and Deception 4.

Abbie It doesn’t hurt to read them since characters from the previous books appear and stuff is sometimes referenced, but I think Sherrilyn Kenyon said that …more It doesn’t hurt to read them since characters from the onche books appear and stuff is sometimes referenced, but I think Sherrilyn Nocye said that they can be read as standalones if you want.

I am absolutely in love with this series and need to send out a huge shout sherilyn to my GR friends who encouraged me to start it. Lux — Jennifer L. I really liked this plot, there were some interesting things that happened. Yes, sherriltn hurtful scene was significant, but when it got to be that Artimis was healing him seconds after a punishment, I started to wonder what the lq was of describing Acheron’s pain when in only moments it was going to be relieved.


Goodreads Reading Challenge Reading Challenge. They can have sex in every other chapter and she can only think about how he is beautiful beyond compare. His sister was a good character for the book. He’s Mr Prim and Proper who doesn’t even own a pair of jeans. Divergente — Veronica Roth. Did you forget about that?!?!!? Let’s see how this turns out.

When I realized this story would be of Valerius and Tabitha, I was somewhat bummed. I feel like this makes my take on the book a little different than others. Anyway, it was a good read.

But I’ve stated my complaints, so I’ll just finish by saying that I wasn’t fescargar by this book, but only because I had no expectations. Los Chicos Vincent — Abbi Glines. There is a little side plot that comes pretty much out of nowhere but that you can tell will play a significant role in future installments.

Club del Ataúd: Serie Taboo Shorts por Sam Crescent y Jenika Snow (+18)

Morganville Vampires — Rachel Caine. The first part of this book is what makes me reread it over and over again.


And it’s not even the first something like this happened to me. So, Tabitha realizes that nobody likes Valarius and becomes his champion. This book told the story of how Acheron was conceived into the human world and how he was shunned dlsfruta the moment he was born.

La Saqueadora de Libros: Saga Mirame y Dispara de Alessandra Neymar

I tried to understand Artimis, but I just plain didn’t like her, and I hated how important she became to Acheron’s story. Basically it is non-existent.

Nick’s mom is murdered, and he commits suicide and is brought back by Artemis. Acheron and Tory seemed awkward together, like two puzzle pieces that don’t fit. My only complaint about his sister is that too often she was the cause of him getting hurt. I’m still emotional towards him whenever he got hurt: From the incomparable Sescargar Brothers, the graphic novel adaptation of Acheron.

Tabby wont hurt you.