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Diamond CPVU-8 Vertical for Shortwave and V/UHF; MV5+3, MV6+3 Multiband HF antenna; DIAMOND CP-6S; DIAMOND CP-5HS; GP-3 / GP-2 W / GP-3W. Diamond Antenna CP5H antennas are 5-band (40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meter) trap vertical antennas with trap radials. Their light weight ( lbs.). 7/14/21/28/50MHz (40m/20m/15m/10m/6m) 29MHz FM Max. power rating: W SSB (7MHz), W SSB (14/21MHz), W SSB (28/29/50MHz) Impedance.

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This thing is years ahead in terms of craftmanship and materials compared to Cushcraft. A wire antenna withe the same principle is the Diamond BB-6W. Requires a simple coax tuner for operation, the built in tuners usually work well, in some cases a tuner extender e. The antenna works on all bands as a quarter wave vertical. It’s not brilliant on 40 either, being still quite short, but well capable of working DX with W on the higher cp5hs.

Diamond CP-5HS 5 band vertical antenna

So it would be worth getting some stuff to try to prevent that, when you assemble it. Includes diamonf radial kit of PVC coated copper wire one radial per band. The antenna can be installed anywhere, either on the rooftop, on the trailer hook or on a camper car during vacations. In this band the antenns is surprising in local ou regional qso’s.

For the same reason a short cable with a choke is included in the shipment. QRV on all bands, even with restricted space Customer specific antennas telescope antennas etc.


I thought I should give an update on this antenna, as my views have changed for the dismond.


New to Ham Radio? Add to shopping cart. I bought this and mounted it on the roof of our single floor, flat roof, concrete box house vp-5hs base. Following that effort and over this past weekend, I did manage to make a couple of contacts. With more radials the efficiency can be improved further as with an GP.

That’s good, because the one criticism I was going to make of the ‘5 is that the bandwidth is pretty small on 80 and it doesn’t work that well anyway. The vertical distance between the U-brackets is 26cm. I was shocked by the fit and finish of the antenna when I’ve receive it. Register for a free QRZ account.

Various shortwave antennas for HF

Thoughts or past experience is appreciated. Cp-5haJan 22, Made of telescopic aluminum tubes which are fixed with stainless steel hose clamps, including solid mast mount.

Nothing great but it does prove that the antenna works. Antenna for 7, 14, 21, 28 and 50MHz, length only 3. I have the older discontinued Diamond m CP6 and is not finiky at diamnod, easy to install and logs DX quite easily Sounding more and more like I am getting a new antenna.

I would still mention the drift when the antenna gets wet, but as a portable antenna that is easy to set up with repeatable performance it is pretty ideal. Expensive but that has no place a great option much better than vertical or wire antennas dummy load.


In stockshipped in 1 or two days. A small antenna for radio amateurs with space restrictions. I was hoping that with the CP5H being 11 or so foot, that I could mount on a 10 to 15 foot mast and keep it up always. The radials can be installed on one side only if space restriction requires. If the vertical antenna should be installed on the ground other radials are required at least as long as the antenna is high, better longer, as many as possible, not less than Please note the variants of the 80m radial.

I have only had this antenna for diamknd week, but it certainly performs as advertised. Due to the slim body the antenna is very unobtrusive.

Might I suggest a Cushcraft? I assembled the antenna, just as it was taken down leaving all the radials as they were and a quick tune around showed no difference to the tune from 2. The factory settings were right on the spot for most bands.


Diamond CP5H any thoughts?