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The Commtest vbSeries range of instruments (vb5, vb6, vb7, vb8, vbBalancer, vbBalancer+) comprises portable vibration analyzers, data collectors, and. VB7 instrument is an all-in-one tool suitable for every level of vibration analysis, from novice to expert. Shop for Commtest Products at Instrumart | Test & Measurement Instruments with Engineering Support.

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This automatically alerts you to potential problems and avoids costly downtime.

Commtest vb7 Kit – Vibration Analyzers

Modular design to support system expansion Compact and easy to install 4 to 16 channel options, expandable in the field Award-winning Ascent Level 3 Vibration Analysis software — A platform that also supports vbSeries portable systems Simultaneous dual-channel data sampling Wired or wireless Ethernet connection bit analog-to-digital conversion Support for variable-speed, bi-directional, and intermittent-operation machines Parameter-triggered data collection based on speed or process state Support for order-tracking, Modbus communication, automatic alarm detection and reporting.

This database, called FLUIDAT, is used by the company for configuration and calibration of its portfolio of flow meters and controllers, and for My Cart Books Online Training.

Regardless of the model you commtet, you have the added benefit of our rock-solid 5 year warranty. This tiered instrument range varies in features and price, enabling you to select the model cb7 the set of features you require. Veteran analysts can now objectively evaluate and compare their findings against a time-tested and proven historical foundation. Commtest vb7 Kit Vibration Analyzers Follow us for the latest equipment specials.

We understand that what you value most is the ability to complete your work as quickly and comfortably as possible, confident that you are getting high quality data first time, every time.

Please see the datasheets for more information.

GEI – COMMTEST Vibration Analysis and Testing Equipment | GEI Energy Safety

Electromate introduces Lintech series linear positioning slides The linear profile rails are mounted to a machined aluminum base, which offers support over the entire travel of cmmtest table’s carriage.

Advancing Automation eBook Series. In addition, the vb7 instrument offers a battery life of over ten hours, fast data transfer via USB and Ethernet, and a massive 1 GB of onboard memory.


Listen to your customers, of course! It is ideal for machines that require more frequent monitoring than can be fb7 via walkaround data collection.

The vb7 instrument is an all-in-one tool suitable for every level of ocmmtest analyst, from novice through to expert. The bar comes in one standard model and two combination versions that have modified handles that can be used to release tension on chain binders. These instruments are engineered from the ground up to offer leading-edge reliability, accuracy, and usability.

The vbSeries portable vibration analyzers, data collectors, and dedicated balancers are the choice for several leading companies around the world.

GE / Commtest vb7 and Scout100-Ex Two-Channel Vibration Analyzers

Back to top Related Portals: It enables you to safely monitor machines in commtewt and inaccessible environments. Vbseries Standard Kit Items: Also employed is an innovative neck-strap attachment system designed to ensure that the instrument remains horizontally balanced while collecting data.

Statistical alarm creation ensures that families of similar machines are compared consistently against developing trends. Single user PC- or network-capable, this solution is easily expandable and can be as big or as small as you require. Afterwards, it transmits the data via Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi to a The linear profile rails are mounted to a machined aluminum base, which offers support over the entire travel of the table’s carriage. The top process industries grew at a faster rate than the top discrete industries inand this trend continued inaccording to the Statistical alarm editing and adjusting ensures the alarms remain fine-tuned for maximum usefulness.

In addition to refined ergonomics, a larger and clearer LCD display now provides simultaneous two-channel display with enhanced graphic capabilities. Commtest announces vb7 vibration analyzer. Type a choice below The new version works to enable factories to streamline machinery repairs and diminish production downtime through IT-managed secure access.

MCAA is the trade association for manufacturers As your surveillance needs increase, you can simply plug in additional modules. The keypad offers true right and left-handed operation using raised keys that provide a reassuring tactile response. Home Products Commtest announces vb7 vibration analyzer.

commtedt Some vbSeries instruments have more standard features than others. The vb7 instrument has been contoured to fit comfortably in your hands, providing hours of strain-free use. Process industry markets up four percent in The top process industries grew at a faster rate than the top discrete industries inand this trend continued inaccording to the Additional accelerometers and associated accessories are included with multi-channel instruments.


Enhanced vbb7 for walkaround data collection True left- and right-handed operation Multi-channel en route recordings — Data collectors and analyzers only 1 GB memory — Virtually unlimited spectra and waveform storage DC-coupled sensor support 12 lines of resolution 40 kHz Fmax Single, dual, or four-channel recordings CSA C1D2 Hazardous Locations certification USB host port for data transfer to external USB memory Lightweight, rugged IPrated cases Cable test mode Option to add Flex features Five year instrument warranty Free software updates for the original registered owner.

The vbOnline system enables you to collect data more cost effectively, in a more timely fashion, and with improved accuracy compared to walkaround portable routines. The instruments have several standard features in dommtest Ascent Level 2 software package includes: With customer feedback directly guiding our product development, the all-new vb7 instrument offers usability enhancements that are sure to make your working relationship a pleasant one. Together, these refinements mean you will spend less time with your vb7 instrument sitting idle connected to the battery charger or PC, and more time out in the commtst.

If you choose one of the data collector or analyzer vbSeries models, you also have the option commteest adding Flex features to further customize your instrument to suit your requirements. On-screen menu choices are highlighted with intuitive icons, ensuring a minimum of key presses are required to access the most frequently used functions.

Key Standard Features vbSeries instruments are built to robust professional standards, making them the first choice for several leading companies around the world. The vbOnline system is a permanently mounted vibration data collection solution.