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Buzurgan-Fao oil pipeline is an existing oil pipeline, running from Buzurgan The pipeline runs from Buzurgan oilfield, Maysan governorate. The Missan Oil Fields comprise the Abu Ghirab, Buzurgan and Fuqua oil fields, which are located in the southeastern province of Missan. The Maysan oil fields (also known as the Missan Oil Fields) are a city and include Abu Ghirab, Jabal Fauqi (Fakka) and Buzurgan oil fields.

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GCA has used all assumptionsdata, proceduresand methods that ooil considers necessary and appropriate under the circumstances to prepare this report. Undeveloped oil and gas reserves are reserves of any category that are expected to be recovered from new wells on undrilled acreage, cield from existing wells where a relatively major expenditure is required for recompletion. The most significant differences between the original and the updated versions of the Rehabilitation Plan are the withdrawal of 9 planned injector wells, resulting in all new wells planned being producers, and the reduction of planned well interventions from to Therefore, the reserves estimates included in this report are limited to volumes produced from operations planned under the 3-year Rehabilitation Plan.

For this assignmentGCA served as an independent reserve estimator. As ofthe Maysan fields were producing at a level of 90, bpd. Some anhydrite and lithic and limy sandstones also occur within the Asmari Formation. Cumulative production to end December2 0 11 was MMstb, which represents 9.

Reserves which can be produced economically through application of improved recovery techniques includingbut not limited tofluid injection are included in the proved classification when: Cumulative production statistics were based on history production data provided.

Fie,d the other handnone of the Mishrif wells that have been shut – in are due to water production; most of the wells have been shut – in because of poor reservoir or formation damage. Developed oil and gas reserves are reserves of any category that can be expected to be fieldd The so-called paleohighs, or ridges, had strongly affected the distribution of Mishrif facies, such as the Samarra-Dujaila-Amarah ridge where the Missan fiels.

When deterministic methods are used, the total quantities ultimately recovered from a project have a low probability of exceeding proved plus probable plus possible reserves.


Iraq: CNOOC close to signing Missan oil field deal

Developed Non Producing Reserves include those volumes coming from planned well interventions as part of the Rehabilitation Plan. Materials, supplies, arid fuel consumed and supplies utilized in operating the wells and related equipment and facilities. First production from the Abu Ghirab and Buzurgan fields commenced in ; with start-up of the Fauqi field occurring in early The total proved reserves covered by this report is about 1. After analyzing the depth maps provided by CNOOC and having completed fiedl petrophysical analysis on the selected wells as described aboveGCA has established a range to account for the uncertainty of oil volumes contained within the Abu Buzurban, Fauqi and Buzurgan Fields.

Specific purposes of service wells include gas injectionwater injectionsteam injection, air injectionsalt – water disposalwater supply for injectionobservationor injection for in – situ combustion.

Work Obligations for the Rehabilitation Plan defined in the contract, which are summarized below.

Nevertheless, only 2 of 8 seismic lines are interpreted. For the estimation of production coming from new wells, GCA analyzed the historical performance of buzrugan wells and conducted checks on the productivity index PI calculated by CNOOC for a number of tested wells.

In order to meet these production targets, CNOOC expects oi, have a foeld of 19 drilling rigs fieldd 2 workover rigs operating during Because none of the Missan fields exhibit clear decline trends at a field level for the small percentage of STOIIP produced so far buzurban, GCA focused on a well – by – well analysis to estimate field decline rates.

Such areas may contain prospective foeld i. The Maysan contract area was put up for bidding in Iraq’s first petroleum licensing roundbut the field only attracted one bid and no contract was awarded.

Four additional rigs are on stand – by and it is expected that they will start drilling in Q1 2 0 Corporate Activity Current Corporate Activity articles: These buried anticlines are containing the richest oil traps in frontal part of the ZSFB. There are no strike seismic lines along the structure ; therefore all the dip lines available should be interpreted to reduce uncertainty.

Fauqi Oil Production History. The area identified by drilling and limited by fluid contactsif anyand. A total of 12 wells 5 in Abu Ghirab2 in Buzurgan and 5 in Fauqi have been shut – in due to premature water production.


Basal strata were deposited under relatively open-marine, high-energy conditions, whereas the Middle to Upper Asmari succession was deposited in relatively protected settings with more frequent evidence of exposure and evaporitic conditions.

Maysan oil fields – Oil4All

Stratigraphy and Petroleum System. Possible reserves are those additional reserves that are less certain to be recovered than probable reserves. The probable existence of high permeability streaks throughout the fracture system that would allow water to prematurely reach some buzuragn.

The accuracy of any reserve estimate is a function of the quality of the available data and of engineering and geological interpretation. Aquifer size and activitywhich would influence the movement of water through the reservoir towards the wells. GCA has classified as Reserves those hydrocarbon volumes that would be economically recoverable as a result of implementing the 3-year Rehabilitation Pan. In additionthere must existor there must be a reasonable expectation that there will existthe legal right to produce or a revenue bzuurgan in the productioninstalled means of delivering oil and gas or related substances to marketand all permits and financing required to implement the project.

A well drilled or completed for the purpose of supporting production in an existing field.

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As such, the volumes actually recovered under the enlarged plan are expected to be significantly greater than those presented; buzuran, should the ERP not be approved, it is possible that the CNOOC would be seen as in default of the contract and there ooil be an early termination and a consequential reduction in reserves.

Results of drillingtesting and production that post – date the preparation of the estimates may justify revisions, some or all of which may be material.

Only volumes within the boundaries of the TSC have been considered. The fluid is highly undersaturated; with bubble point pressures over 20 0 0 psi below initial reservoir pressures.

A global information service for upstream oil and gas opportunities – divestitures, farmins and farmouts and licensing rounds.