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Hans Blumenberg is professor of philosophy at the University ofMünster. The Legitimacy of the Modern Age is included in the series Studies in Contemporary. which launched the Lowith-Blumenberg debate over the nature of secularization and the legitimacy of the modern age. ‘ The widespread discussion the book. Blumenberg. Hans. The legitimacy of the modern age. (Sruclies in contemporary German social thoughtl. Translation of. Die Legitimitlit der Nemeit. 2nd rev. ed.

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Science Logic and Mathematics. But this rejection leaves theoretical curiosity without excuse. But the latter book waited only six years to be translated into English. Should it recognize this descendance in its constitutional preambles?

The fact remains that legitjmacy asserts its novelty, claiming to represent a new beginning, a self-foundation, and an authentic creation of values.

From then on, the burden of proof was on those who like St Thomas Aquinas thought that Aristotle was not wholly wrong, and that curiosity might not be simply a vice the excitation of an unruly member, the inquiring eye as homologue of the pushy penis.

It is a good grounding to the various movements in Vienna during the critical period between We need to deconstruct the metaphysics of presence, or to become aware of the repressive character of the most benevolent-looking of contemporary institutions, or to see the distortions induced by innocuous-seeming linguistic expressions.

It is, for him, a question of substituting the study of the more hidden work of metaphors, symbols, and myths for the traditional history of concepts and doctrines. This makes it a slow book to read, for one constantly has to chew over novel interpretations of familiar texts.

It has often been said that postmodernity inaugurated a more distant and ironic relationship with regard to the values of modernity.

Hans Blumenberg: The Legitimacy of the Modern Age – VoegelinView

I got this as an ex library book. He sees the medieval period as driven to insist on that omnipotence by the break which ov had made with ancient thought. Find it on Scholar. This claim detaches happiness from the pursuit of knowledge, and puts Christian faith in the vacancy left by the sceptical dissolution of the possibility of a contemplative life.


Hans Blumenberg Thierry Gontier Voegelin. What Blumenberg attacks directly is the hermeneutic structure of the category of secularization, by challenging its claim to explain modernity—even if that explanation claims to be neutral Weber, Carl Schmitt in kodern third chapter of his Political Theology ofor indeed legitimizing Schmitt again within certain contexts, crisis theologies, Marquard, etc.

Against Belatedness

History of Western Philosophy. Interest in Invisible Things within the World. Modernity as Secularized Theology Another example of a misinterpreted act of modernity is that of the modern state conceived as a secularization of the divine omnipotence.

The Drama of Humanity Volume But it is an explicit and conscientious way of doing something that we all do, usually tacitly and carelessly. Let us retain two essential points of the Blumenberg critique, which is, it must be said, one of the rare critiques, along with that of Voegelin, to have confronted the Schmittian project from a conceptual standpoint.

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 34 2: Four Chapters on the Concept of Sovereignty, 3, trans. Account Options Sign in.

Blumenberg traces the further development of this excuse in discussions of among others Galileo, Descartes, Voltaire, Hume and Kant. The Rhetoric of Secularizations. Added to PP index Total downloads 27of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 6 91, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? More generally, for Blumenberg, every discourse of deification, infinitization, and of absolutization of the world, history, the state, etc.

Google Books no proxy mitpress. Alberto Fragio – – Logos. It is tempting to see in the modern representation of sovereignty, defined, since Jean Bodin, as absolute power, a transposition of the potentia absoluta Dei. If it is coherent with itself, liberal modernity tends towards atheism.

He gave it an answer that went to the root of the formation of the age that had come to an end. It is not a response to eternal theological problems by mankind in the sense that Man, and not God, would form the reply to these questionsbut rather a questioning which begins with Man and the legitimate confidence which he may have in his rational powers. This loss, however, takes place against a background of continuity.


According to this hermeneutic, the present is the presentation of an alienated truth—with the ambiguity upon which the Heideggerian Ereignis draws, namely, that that which is hidden is simultaneously legifimacy, revealed as hidden, etc. Liberals are for Schmitt no more than weak and fearful Bakuninians or Leninists and Schmitt does not in return hide his fascination with authentic nihilist radicals.

Nietzsche, at his worst, gestured towards some narcissistic and inarticulate hunks of Bronze Age beefcake. The Legitimacy of the Modern Age. Modernity as Questioning that Begins with Man Modernity does not, for Blumenberg as with Voegelincommit itself to a dogmatic rule.

The Legitimacy of the Modern Age – Hans Blumenberg – Google Books

A Systematic Comparison of the Epochal Crisis of. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The History of Psychological Categories. Written by Thierry Gontier.

It has not always meant that our curiosity about how things work is an essential and laudable part of us. Preparations for a Conversion and Models for the.

Blumenberg takes very seriously indeed the episcopal condemnation of St Thomas for having cast doubt on divine omnipotence, interpreting it as an indictment for legitimxcy. This section is filled with arch and allusive replies to critics of the first edition of modegn book — replies which Wallace does his best to elucidate in footnotes, but which are often pretty confusing.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. What is a Miracle? The epochal turning is an imperceptible frontier, bound to no crucial date or event.