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7 Jul Not if Bill Kaysing was to be believed. Five years after the lunar landings he published We Never Went to the Moon: America’s thirty billion. 28 Jun Where Did The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory Originally Come From? I could go on at length about how much Bill Kaysing didn’t know. Bill Kaysing worked as a technical writer for Rocketdyne, a company In his book, We Never Went to the Moon, (Italian title: Non siamo mai andati sulla Luna) .

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The many flaws that had lead to the fire from Apollo 1 meant that a complete design overhaul was required. This proves they have something to hide. I have not seen a single piece of footage showing an astronaut jumping higher than he could on earth.

Every additional person added to the conspiracy raises the chances that somebody will, accidentally or on purpose, “spill the beans. Let’s try doing the opposite: Kaysing asserted that during his tenure at Rocketdyne he was privy to documents pertaining to the MercuryGeminiAtlasand Apollo programs, arguing that one does not need an engineering or science degree to determine that a hoax was being perpetrated.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Our solar system looks much different standing in the middle of it that it would from a few million miles outside of it. Ask the band to play a nice fast one. Views Read Edit View history.

Perhaps the first point raised, or at least the one most memorable, is the stars. On July 20,astronaut Neil Armstrong set his boot on the surface of the lunar landscape.

July 14, at 4: A long as they do, and they use antiscience to do it, I will call them on it. If that flag were on the Moon, the Hubble Space Telescope may be able resolve a one or two pixel image of it. They launched the first man into space inand the first woman two years later.


They also talked about the very real problem of traveling through atmospheric radiation without harming the astronauts–something that needed to be solved.

Bad Astronomy

September 8, at 8: He was also a participant in the Fox documentary Conspiracy Theory: It seems bil, has changed not necessarily for the good in terms of observation, experience and relative intention. May 27, at 8: First, of course, for as much garbage as exists on the web, there are some pages that fight it.

Skeptics argue that this was caused by a breeze on the set where the hoax was filmed because a flag cannot wave in a vacuum. It simply had a ripple in it from not being fully tye across its length as it hung from its top supporting pole much like a gathered curtain. On the moon, however, the feather fell just as quickly as the hammer. Bill wrote and distributed several other books, some of which I collected and found interesting.

An empty Saturn V rocket was launched but fell back to earth when it was out of the public gaze. July 19, at 8: This camera was controlled from Earth.

But I wish I could have.

The UnMuseum – The Great Moon Hoax

Even so, some photographs like the one to the right of Alan Wenr planting the flag do not show any divergence at all, but the parallel shadows converge on the photo’s vanishing point, just like they should.

The Apollo missions spent about 4hrs. To destroy truth, to subvert knowledge, the exact opposite to a process of true human achievment. July 6, at 1: June 29, at He relates how much time and money is spent in the science of agriculture, creating much harm and diminishing results, when a much simplier approach would have worked better and more enviromentally conciencious. For a brief example, this was an actual exchange I had while demonstrating one of our telescopes by looking at the moon.


Where he exercises indefensible reason, scholarly rigor requires that we identify it as such.

Bill Kaysing – Wikipedia

It would also contradict evidence of the “waving” flag, as described above. Under Boeing’s recollection of North American Aviation’s nomenclature of the time which they believe ot congruent with their owna “service engineer” would have been a sort of mechanic and not a job that required a degree or expertise in engineering as licensed engineers use the term. A glance at the moving video reveals that the flag is not waving. April 23, at 8: So Bill Kaysing has finally died.

Bill Kaysing

Many years from now Mr. However, all nations have extreme difficultly putting an object into a high Earth orbit. Thankyou for your time Nick Wells January 21, at 2: He was just a sad little old man who made a big stink among the more ignorant members of our society.

This is wrong thinking, however. NASA also allegedly created a lunar landscape in the Area 51 according to Kaysing moonset still there. He later worked for a time as a furniture maker. Later on, still pictures show the flag apparently waving even after the astronauts have moved away from it.