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Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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What he could do in this situation was only defend in making use of his metal armor, the characteristic trait of metal-colors. You’d have to contact Teh Ping and get his permission. A central line overpass crossed their immediate vicinity left and axcel, and slightly ahead of that was already Ome Highway.

Thanks, I’ll go ahead with my plan then. It seems things are picking up.

Now as I understand from the forum, Breakdown16 has already registered for the first SS so I will fill in his name here accordingly. While I’m doing the rest of volume 1, can I register for volume 4 on the registration page?

If he were to choose, it would be a special technique after all, and as for which of the two, it would be the projectile weapon…… His thoughts did drift in that direction after all. I’ve already gathered together all the known terms and their descriptions, so I’m ready to do it whenever.

The jade-colored avatar who had lost his two hands jumped greatly backward and put some distance between them. Hurry wotld you’ll be left behind by the anime. Alright, I’ll implement the changes Exposing the flat side of his swords was not because he was particularly holding back.

What was placed at the throat of Haruyuki, who had asked that in a refusing-to-accept-it manner, was a jet-black sword so sharp he could not make out its acce. The chain, which was only a mere two meters, had been drawn tight in a straight line, and orange sparks scattered from both the rail and the trunk of Crow, who was fixed inside the ring. The two straight swords of both blades were both the same design; wordl edge portions were a metallic gray nearly close to black, but the central part was made of a transparent material like glass.


Anonymous Translated Contributions are required to inform thelastguardian and the designated Project Supervisor of the intend Chapters as shown on the corresponding Registration page before any major contribution. The balance between the rivaling offensive and defensive power crumbled, and in that instant, the energy that was condensed at high density was released. Xplorer30 – Talk Breakdown16 is translating the first one and I am doing the second.

Even when he dangled it above the slag tssuki stamped it furiously with his feet, the result was the same. It was thin and snapped easily, so it fits Graph perfectly. If the chain were no good, then if he destroyed the rail stabilizing the ring on the opposite side… He thought about that and sent the steel rail flying with an all-out kick; of all things, on the contrary, he suffered some slight damage.

I’d appreciate it if you could allow me, please. There were probably twenty seconds till collision with the train. Portions that are not updated for a significant time may be taken over by another translator after getting permission from the Project Supervisor.

Accel World:Registration Page

Views Read Edit View history. I have a favor to ask of you. By the way, I hope Haru kicks Wor,d butt, hard. Basically, it was a complete one-shot gamble. With the wings on his back, by pulling the short back thrust that he had discovered through a flash of enlightenment just in the midst of his duel earlier with Kuroyukihime, his jump stopped in midair. Today, it had been sunny all day, but now that it had become late autumn the evening breeze was slightly chilly; Kuroyukihime adjusted the collar of her pajamas on which Haruyuki had committed an insolent deed not long ago.

User talk:Xplorer30 – Baka-Tsuki

So it should be Black Snow Txuki. Pushing the whiteness of her bare skin that he was inevitably beginning to recall to the back of his mind, Haruyuki spoke. Putting them all in the same line tsui the problem at the cost of the code becoming just a little harder to understand. Xplorer, worry not,he’s not acel that’s what your work is worth, he just wants to make it go faster.


At any rate, on the bonus screen before his eyes, the exceedingly extravagant menu consisting of four options of two new special techniques, one new ability, and fortification of his existing abilities was glittering brilliantly. The body of Crow, who had taken off like a rocket, was however fixed in midair with a gaching! Thanks for the advice.

However, in exchange there was a silhouette approaching at high speed from the direction of Koenji Station. He will definitely fly to the distant place we were not able to manage to reach. The cross sections that slightly peeked out shone like a mirror.

Accel World:Updates – Baka-Tsuki

Well,it works the other way around because of my insolence. I’m currently still in bed now. While emitting a shouting voice of incomprehensible meaning, Haruyuki pulled his right hand out with all his force. If Desodus is working on c7 then that’s good news for me.

Accel World:Volume SS1 Chapter 1

Though wordl depended on the stage, if there were a decent track, generally a train from outside the area boundary ran on it. Unfortunately, my PM function is still disabled for some reason and I’m unable to send links through the forum at the moment.

I’ll leave the emphasis to your choice. Think of it as a favor to me. Can I make a suggestion? His thoughts, which had a touch of a fit of anger about why something that was only a rail at most was being protected that much—changed to a fearful shudder immediately after.

Hi Xplorer, I just wanted to ask if there’s a set narrative tense for Accel World. Kuroyukihime murmured that, returned her gaze from the sky to Haruyuki, and continued with a serious look on her face.