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The loss of sterile barrier system integrity may occur as a result of physical properties of the materials and adhesive or cohesive bonds degrading over time. . ANSI/AAMI/ISO · ASTM F (). Calculation. Accelerated Aging calculation is based on Arrhenius’ equation which simply states that a. Scope of ASTM F ➢Provides information for developing accelerated aging protocols. ➢Information may be used to support shelf life and expiration date.

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Accelerated aging studies can provide an alternative means. Evaluate the package performance after accelerated aging relative to the initial package requirements.

ASTM-F Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Barrier Systems for Medical Devices The introduction of new or modified products to the marketplace requires the assurance that they can be stored for an extended period one year, two years, etc. Accelerated Aging calculation is axtm on Arrhenius’ equation which simply states that a 10C increase in temperature doubles the rate of chemical reaction.

Accelerated Aging – Sterile Barrier Association

To ensure that accelerated aging studies do truly represent real time effects, real time aging studies must be conducted in parallel to accelerated studies. By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. The directive relates to the quality of water intended for human consumption, ensuring it is safe and clean.

Stability aztm using accelerated aging protocols shall be regarded as sufficient evidence for claimed expiry date until data from real time aging studies are available. The loss of sterile barrier system integrity may occur as a result of physical properties of the materials and adhesive or cohesive bonds degrading over time and by subsequent dynamic events during shipping and handling.

No comments were found for ASTM F – 07 standard guide for accelerated aging of sterile barrier systems for medical devices. Extracted information from ASTM F testing may be used to support expiration date claims for medical device sterile barrier systems.

Accelerated Aging is an artificial procedure for establishing the lifespan or shelf life of a product in an expedited manner.


The sterile barrier system shall maintain sterility to the point of use or until the expiry date. ASTM F – 07 standard guide for accelerated aging of sterile barrier systems for medical devices 0. The permanganate index is an assessment of water quality typically used for freshwater and treated drinking waters.


Evaluate package, or package performance, or both, after real time aging relative to the initial package requirements. The primary accelerated aging standards pertaining to sterile barrier systems for medical devices are:. New rules for flare stack combustion from the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA set to take effect in early include additional monitoring and analysis requirements that make it necessary for refinery operators to quickly and accurately determine the heat values of flare stack gases.

ASTM F procedure for accelerated aging is comprised of the following: Accelerated Aging data is recognized by regulatory bodies as a conservative estimate of the shelf life, but is only accepted until those tests can be repeated on “real time” aged samples.

It involves the determination of oxidizability, also known as oxygen O2 demand, by potassium permanganate ISO method Define aging test time intervals including time zero. Detailed information is provided in the data protection policy. What is permanganate index? Determining the heating values of vent gas is important because sufficient combustible material must be continuously present to achieve high combustion efficiencies.

Select the Q10 value Define the desired shelf life of the package marketing and product needs, etc. On September 29,the U.

Conservative accelerated aging factors AAFs must be used if little is known about the sterile barrier system material being evaluated. Shimadzu Corporation, a leading manufacturer of analytical and medical instruments, announces the release of a trace moisture analysis system utilizing a gas chromatography method.

ASTM F – 07 Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Barrier Systems for Medical Devices

Try out our Accelerated Aging Calculator! The resulting creation of an expiration date or shelf life is based on the use of a conservative estimate of the aging factor for aastm, Q10 and is tentative until the results of real time aging studies are completed on the sterile barrier system.

Be the first to comment! For more information visit www. A calculator is provided below to easily explore difference test scenarios.

Real time studies must be carried out to the claimed shelf life of the product and be performed asym their completion. The sterile barrier system material and device interaction compatibility that may be required for new product development or the resulting evaluation is not addressed in this guide.


Age samples at TAA. We use cookies in order to design and continuously optimise the website.

The new Thermo Scientific SOLA iQ online sulfur analyzer helps technicians, engineers and managers in the oil and gas industry measure total sulfur content of liquid or gas phase samples without requiring time-consuming lab analysis. Developed in close collaboration with Dr. More aggressive AAFs may be used with documented evidence to show a correlation between real time and accelerated aging.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. The new analyzer offers an updated modular design that eases routine maintenance and features measurement ranges from 2ppm to percent and limits of detection Define package material properties, seal strength and integrity tests, sample sizes, and acceptance criteria.

Note 1—Determining AAFs are beyond the scope of this guide. Data obtained from the study is based on conditions that simulate the effects of aging on the materials.

Accelerated Aging

Stability testing shall demonstrate that the sterile barrier system maintains integrity over time. However, due to market conditions in which products become obsolete in a short time, and the need to get new products to market in the shortest possible time, real time aging studies do not meet this objective.

Refer to Practice D for f11980-07 conditions that may be used to challenge the sterile barrier system to realistic extremes in temperature and humidity conditions. Follow the link for more details on ASTM Four variables are used in calculating the accelerated aging test duration.

To achieve this, the recommended In parallel, age samples at real-life aging conditions TRT. A product can be released to market based upon successful Accelerated Aging test results aztm simulates the period claimed for product expiration date 1 year, 2 years, etc.