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The ads crisis hasn’t surprised the independent newspapers, it was expected because of the political composition of successive governments. The campaign seeks to develop standards for the distribution of advertising. Most of assabah Brokers are employees in ministries, and they are part of the administrative and financial corruption which suffered by Iraqi ministries. Commerce Approving Statutory Body: Computer Application Approving Statutory Body: However, some leaked info by an official reported the government’s determination of supporting independent press by five billion dinars, which caused a significant increase in number of newspapers prwss reach nearly 60, all have registered in journalists’ syndicate to participate in the campaign; thus the campaign failed in determining the criteria for distributing ads because of a push by some newspapers – which suffer significant financial problems – to get financial loans.

This paints the landscape of media in Morocco. It is worth mentioning that after German unification, media ownership in eastern Germany has turned to private sector and West Germany has contributed assavah its ownership, which led to a significant increase in sales of newspapers in western Germany, according to the requirements of Eastern German market.

Private Un-Aided Aasabah in: Prep Tests Online Courses. Business Administration Approving Statutory Body: To review the first report: British newspapers resorted to “Trust Groups” schemes, such as “Scott Trust” in financing the Guardian, in order to maintain the financial status and liberal principles in work projects, the Trust Groups worked to increase their share assagah in newspaper market, which boosted the independence of press and the development of its investment with the management of major companies for media and non-media interests, they occupied British media sector, as Murdoch, Stevens and other prsss.

Assabah –

The Committee works in coordination with the concerned authorities to cancel the role of Broker in regards to governmental institutions ads, and ensure the granting the share of ads and funds to the newspapers directly without a third party.

At a time that global newspapers suffer from the impact of economic crisis, the printed press is struggling the spectre of disappearing in countries that rely mainly on governmental resources to cover its expenses, which reduces and sometimes eliminates, the independence of press and thus the newspaper will either subject to partisan or personal loyalties or completely die.

From the past experiences it becomes clear that, for an independent and prsss media sake, media institutions in some European countries resorted to create mergers between key stakeholders in newspapers and general media, like traders and owners of many assavah companies in several terms of reference, thereby forming large media empires, by establishing clusters prwss of the stakeholders as shareholders in financing media, as well as traditional sources of funding, such as prwss, subscriptions, sales returns of newspapers, and other advertised services.

The Brokers impose deduction of 20 to 30 percent of ads value on newspapers as commission for them, and if newspaper refuse the deal, prdss would prevent it of getting governmental ads and it lose the main source of funding. Info update by students of the respective college only.


And IMH considers the lack of attention to supporting the independent newspapers by international organizations relevant to such regard is one of the offenses made against Iraqi media for dozens of years until present day.

Affiliated College University Name: German paper press has maintained its balance despite the ongoing technology developments in media field; it continued impacting through political and social issues in prees large segment of German society.

Some daily and weekly Iraqi newspapers get high ratios azsabah ads despite the limitation of their spread and distributed editions, compared with other publications which are superior in distribution rates, even some of those newspapers are issued on the advertising day only with a specified number, dedicated for the advertising party. We seek for ads provision to ensure the independence of newspapers as a main fund source, because when newspaper doesn’t get sufficient financial fund, it may turn to other fund ways, and thus it should pay the price of funding in certain position.

The advancement of paper press necessitates the presence of sponsors of independence and permanence, as well as steady law fortifies media institutions including their cadre from political and partisan monopolism and censorship, in order to build a national independent media according to professional standards. Order of newspapers covered by this observatory according to proportion of ads: The Broker, ‘first man’ in advertisement market Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.

Brokers do not rely on the prevalence or comply with the conditions set by the government and issued assabag the Ministry of Planning inwhich imposes the distribution of governmental advertisements on national newspapers, which are distributed throughout Iraq and have a popularity within the country, for example, the majority of declarations issued by Iraqi courts published in Courses in India Overseas Education. One of the major effective roles in printed press crisis is the youth category, since a large proportion of assabaah prefer looking for local and global events by browsing online news websites, with the selection opportunity among a large number of newspapers and agencies with various techniques and systems, as well as media apps in smart phones; Most youth category tends to read the condensed and pictorial news, and merely taking a look at the headlines of the detailed articles.

Some Iraqi news institutions are compelled to decrease the costs of publishing ads, and approve payment on credit to avoid bankruptcy, but, this option leads to an imbalance in advertising market, imposed by the double and unclear standards in distribution.

Niny wrote a few articles detailing the negative side of the Moroccan government and paid for it by spending time in jail and paying the fines with his own money. University Grants Commission Management Name: Assabah Arts And Science College’s profile had been viewed from 2 locations across the globe, Most recently from Ashburn.

Al-Massae gave Niny assaah chance to report without any political affiliation or government ownership, but still found himself getting in trouble with the Moroccan government. assabah

It’s worth mentioning that our first report ”on January the 20’st” indicates that the number of newspapers that publish advertisements in their governmental, civilian, and official paper editions are 34 out of Like newspapers in America, Al-Massae also features an online presence with a website and PDF versions of the daily newspaper available for purchase.


Iraqi media house demands the international organizations concerned with supporting independent and free media to set up work projects and partnerships with independent media in Iraq to save it from political and partisan polarization, or racial and sectarian retrenchment. It was the first which breathed the freedom air after a conflict with authority, that was in the late seventeenth century after an absolute freedom from governmental pressures and strict censorship processes, until it reached the height of its renaissance in the eighteenth century, and established a Press Council to preserve the freedom of press, additionally, Britain is the first country that recognized freedom of press, where British society today records the highest readings to newspapers.

British press or overall media remains financed through private shareholders projects, except “BBC” institution that rely in its finance on the TV license tax, as well as the Guardian that got the ownership of a limited trust company instead of the previous Scott Trust scheme, with the same protection terms, as rather than benefiting shareholders or an owner, profits are reinvested to maintain journalism free from commercial or political interference; this would sustain the financial and editorial independence of the Guardian.

Science Approving Statutory Body: The Broker controls everything in the press advertising market, and runs across a network of various and influential relations the distribution, sale, and commission processes; it seems that it is difficult for press institution to depart the Broker framework for its knowledge of the almost certain financial losses. And no solution to this problem for the time being, just by relying on commercial advertising of private sectors, while there is no robust economic activities or investments, therefore it is rare to find companies that advertise for their products through newspapers.

Commercials and advertisements contribute in German newspapers funding significantly, since there are more than 1, advertising newspapers, between daily, monthly, and semi-monthly, distributed free on homes. Over the past ten years pessimistic forecasts on printed press crisis were continued by professionals and researchers in journalism field, which acknowledges its demise in the near future, justifying that for several reasons vary according to difference in societies.

Assabah – الصباح‎

The largest newspaper in Morocco, Al-Massae, reacheshouseholds every day and is independent of the government or any political party. Asxabah then, Al-Massae has kept that position and continues to grow. The local newspapers rely on few governmental ads, which are not distributed in accordance to fair quotas, but according to personal relationships, thus you can find newspapers from third and fourth class contain four or five assaba pages, while first and second class newspapers cannot get even quarter of such space.

Paper media future is still presx, controversial, and unsettled, especially with continues demand by different classes of society, what helps making efforts by famous local and global media institutions to enhance the paper press market and adapt the various conditions which are considered as fundamental factors in the decline of paper media, including: