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Introduction to Stamp Files in StampPDF Batch. Overview of the options block, stamp items, parameters, and adding comments. User Guide for StampPDF Batch. Powerful server-based application for stamping text and images into PDF documents. Use Appligent’s Redax redaction tool (an Acrobat plug-in) to properly remove confidential, classified, sensitive or private information from PDF files.

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If the text of an item contained in the stamp file contains one or more pairs of percent signs, the text between each pair of percent signs is the name of a variable to be replaced.

Appligent was the first to natively redact PDF documents and holds U. StampPDF Batch is used across many industries, including: The -vars parameter allow you to replace variables found within the stamp file, and thus substitute the text that it stamps based on parameters passed to StampPDF Batch.

Stamp Files – Appligent Docs

Select the files to be stamped, a location for the stamped output, and stamping options. Click the Stamp button. Our plug-in stamo uses Adobe Acrobat as a rendering engine and relies on its feature set for presenting content.

Stamp collections of documents, such as ones stored in a particular folder, and add a variety of stamps—including automated Bates numbering—to each file in the folder without opening the document. Hands off that mouse. If you need an automated server process that will add text and image stamps to a batch of files apligent add content dynamically, please see the server-based StampPDF Batch or AppendPDF Pro applications.

StampPDF Batch – Appligent

Automation Save text and image stamps along with formatting information in a plain-text template file. If more room is necessary, then the application will try to consume spaces next to modified characters. The newly stamped output file will then appear in the output directory. StampPDF Batch has always been able to positions diagonal text across a stamo automatically calculating placement of text from corner to corner regardless of the page size or staamp.


Does applgent organization need to stamp a high volume of documents through unattended or on-demand environments? Apply bit or bit file encryption to your stamped documents using owner and user passwords to control access and ability to modify the document.

Tell Me More About Redax It does not work with the free Adobe Reader. Contact us for more information on other volume discounts. Stamp copyright notices, disclaimers, or any other text in your choice of font, point size, opacity level, and color. Redax is available for Windows only. Redax will not install into the free Adobe Reader.

Stamp page and Bates numbers, date and time in a variety of formats, and document information such as author, title, and file name. Support for maintaining fixed length Arabic text The output Arabic text will have the same length as the input text.

StampPDF Applgient can also be scripted for multistage processing or deployed with our other products as part of a complete PDF workflow solution. The value for AutoScale specifies the font size as a percentage of the larger dimension of the page size example: Create a stamp and save it in a stamp file.

Once you save a stamp file, you can use it over and over again to stamp documents, or use it as the basis for a new stamp. Single stamping provides the basic features most users need to stamp text, including the ability to define the pages to be stamped, as well as the content, appearance, and position of the stamp.


Redax Quick References Following are single page quick reference documents on working with Redax.

StampPDF Batch

This video will show you how to create Redax boxes and then how to redact using Redax. Add one stamp or many stamps to PDF documents. Supports full Acrobat security.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Automatically scale your stamp to fit on aplpigent page without having to set any other options. How do you create a Bates stamp?

The output Arabic text will have the same length as the input text. Here are a collection of tutorial videos answering some common Redax questions. It does not work with the free Adobe Reader.

StampPDF Batch Tech Specs

The two classic automatic diagonal appligenh are as follows: The two classic automatic diagonal positions are as follows:. Stamp text as an outline font or as apligent transparent font so as not to interfere with the legibility of the page contents. Redact documents based on assigned categories Redact tagged documents. Autoscale Text to Page Automatically scale your stamp to fit on the page without having to set any other options. The stamps become a permanent part of the document.

We have now added four new automatic positioning options for drawing text on the right and left edges of the page as follows:. Layer stamps over or under existing text and graphics.