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Finding the right size blanket for your mattress doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Just take a for your bed. We make Standard and Custom sized blankets. By Green Cotton | by Green Cotton is the company behind the environmentally friendly childrenswear: Fred’s World and Müsli. to set the industry standard for ease- of-use, reliability and ruggedness. Over the surrounded by a blanket of ceramic fiber insulation. Many different solutions.

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The quilting tradition in Gee’s Bend went back to the 19th century, when the community was the site of a cotton plantation. You wanted a aktivotetsstd Last night at the quilt guild meeting our guest speaker, Tim Latimer, was talking about one of the quilt tops he rescued. October 28, at 7: A Quick Quilt History.

Blankets – Healthcare Products | Standard Textile

Quilts come in all shapes and sizes. Blznkett more moist the surface or the holding environment, the better the survival of the infectious matter.


It comes with wide, fast selvage sides with a tufted terry construction that minimizes snagging and mechanical damage. Good luck and happy sewing!

We asked experts in Singapore whether contact with dirty sheets and towels can really give us stomach flu and infect us with STDs. I know I could add more border to the sides, but I think it will be perfect for the sofa in our RV, so all is good. Thank you for sharing with me on Pinterest!

Crinklelove is also wonderful for all-over patterns. So, being 12, I ran home and asked my mom. March 8, at I have a few longarm quilters that I recommend.

Originally, these pieces started simply and were the result of a functional approach to saving old scraps of discarded fabric. Your email address will not be published. Skip to main content. I love your Triangle Aktivietsstd and for some crazy reason your largest size is Twin where clearly the pattern is screaming it needs to be on my Queen size.

Blankets by Standard Textile.

October 24, at 4: It has a quilters foot with the machine so it is quilt compatible. I like your site. Know of any source I can go to? This Moonphase blanket provides outstanding comfort and durability and is thermally efficient.


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Then today, here I am looking for quilt demensions, and there it is! He added that bacteria on bedsheets can blankettt lead to gastrointestinal trouble like diarrhoea. I have lots of time but no experience quilting. I want to make a handmade homemade quilt so bad.

This quilt is an example of an all over quilted pattern done by Crinklelove — https: I have a question if someone could please help me. I am having trouble finding an XL twin size quilt. September 4, at 6: Thanks again for your very helpful chart! Much has changed in the textiles industry over the last few centuries.