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View and Download Agilent Technologies A user manual online. 6 1/2 Digit Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Also for: a. View and Download Agilent Technologies A service manual online. 6 ½ Digit Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Also for: a. Agilent A/11A Command Quick Reference. Syntax Conventions. Braces ({ }) enclose the parameter choices for a given command string. The braces are.

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Switching while high voltages or currents are present may cause instrument damage and lead to the risk of electric shock. I don’t know my mistake. Also connect the multimeter and device—under—test to the same electrical outlet whenever possible.

Adjustments N O TE panel input connectors and one on the rear panel input connectors. I used a temperature, RTD vi. Don’t show me this message again. You can assign a lower limit, an upper limit, agilfnt both. You must use the remote interface for the LA. Remove the false constant by a boolean control to stop the loop, the way it is you have to abort the execution to stop the vi wich is bad practice. 3441a this printing, however, the manual applies to all instruments.

If you have such a service contract and your instrument fails during the covered period, Agilent Technologies will repair or replace it in accordance with the contract.

This compensates for offset voltage changes due to temperature.

The following Welcome Screen will appear: This can cause errors when measuring low voltages which are floating relative to earth ground. DC and AC true-rms. Temperature C to Coefficient Temperature from 49 W to 2. In order to achieve the greatest accuracy, you must take the necessary steps to eliminate potential measurement errors.


La Mechanical Disassembly 2 Remove the top cover and font bezel. Settling Considerations Default delays are selected to give first reading right for most measurements. This is a common temperature range for many operating environments.

The left and right arrow annunciators on the second display line will indicate if there are editable characters left or right of the one selected. Temperature Measurements As with resistance measurements, four—wire temperature measurement mqnual more accurate, since it completely eliminates errors due to lead wire resistance.

If using a single shorting block, install the block on the front panel input terminals. Please give me some tips.


Verify that you have received the following items with your multimeter. Verification checks are only performed for those functions and ranges with unique offset calibration constants. Each voltage and frequency in the flatness adjustment procedure takes less than 7 seconds N O TE to complete. Leakage from nylon or PVC insulators can easily contribute a 0.

Press to accept that code, or use the 3440a keypad to enter a new code.

When you connect the multimeter in series with a test circuit to measure current, a measurement error is introduced. Go through the programming section in the manual, there’s SCPI commands you’ll need to send to the device to change it into remote mode, then configure it for temperature, then read the value. Reading settling times are affected by source impedance, cable dielectric characteristics, and input signal changes.

During a measurement session, configuration settings may be saved in one of four Stored States, for recall after a power—on or reset operation. This query returns the stored null value. As a start you should do the following: Errors will occur when attempting to measure the frequency or period of an input following a dc offset voltage change. Interpreting Accuracy Specifications This is a common temperature range for many operating environments.


Changing LAN services will require a computer reboot for the change to take effect. The input blocking RC time constant must be allowed to fully settle up to 1 sec.

From there, you don’t even need an open visa to talk to it The chapter includes disassembly instructions and a list of replaceable parts. This DoC applies to above-listed products placed on the EU agilfnt after: To Calculate Total Measurement Error — hour dc voltage specification. Change the characters by pressing to cycle through all the possible display characters.

Agilent Technologies 34410A User Manual

Front Panel Alphanumeric Character Entry e. Disassembly and Repair c There is now enough play to allow agilenh side of the front panel to be pried from the chassis and removed as an assembly. Page 82 Readings and then click on Get Data to view the logged data: When you release key, the instrument begins the keypad test.

Calibration Errors Calibration error: Types Of Service Available If you have such a service contract and your instrument fails during the covered period, Agilent Technologies will repair or agi,ent it in accordance with the contract.

However, had this signal level been much lower e.