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3DQuickPress® is a SOLIDWORKS® add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also . SW Tutorial 3d quick mold download Tools, this means that some functions may not work as expected. 3dquickmold tutorial pdf 3dquickpress tutorial pdf. 3D QUICKTOOLS LIMITED 3DQuickPress V5 –Training Manual 1 Table of Contents: Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial 1. Create.

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Rename the sketch to SHCS and edit the sketch.

Add a coincident relation between Origin and the Center by dragging and dropping on to the origin. Blank Punch and then click Next Button 5. KR stands for Key reference. Hole bodies Holes bodies in cutting punch are used to cut die plates and clearance for retaining components.

Create the following sketch constraint most entities to the previous sketch and Boss, Revolve, uncheck Merge 3dquickprews to drawing configuration and delete the hole body and then switch back to default configuration.

3D QuickTools Limited: 3DQuickPress

Save part and close sketches window. Click Insert, Annotation, Block and insert the block C: Create the following sketch in Right Plane the create a Revolve Boss. Set the width to 0. Use same technique to rename R01D. Expand the tree and rename the die plate according to your company standards. 3dquickprezs next page button and select die plates Input 2mm for the offset distance. Lab 2 Create a new cutting punch C9 Create a new cutting punch from existing cutting punch by: Use window explorer to copy files under R02 folder to folder M4FT 3.


Create rectangular PRL punch A typical example is a guide pin which passes through the U, M, L assemblies. Customization of C9 is tutirial, save all file. When developing a sketch for tutirial purposes, it is helpful to know which location is the parent location.

To save the group data do the If there are duplicates copy over them. In Update Flag, select Yes and click Set button Launch Windows Explorer 2. You can leave the PRL Wizard open.

Click Tools, Sketch entities, Rectangle to create a 10mm tugorial 8mm rectangle Double click on BushCB and change the dimension to: In SolidWorks, repeat step 24 thru 26 to connect the two new parameters to the the proper dimensions.

Rename the sketch to Slot Create the hole bodies Edit this file with Wordpad or Notepad and change the dimension and description columns as you see here and save as same name in r01 folder and close text editor.


3D quick press – SolidWorks – AutoCAD Forums

Use the pattern tutoriql to locate initial guide pin 1. Click OK and the holes are created. Click the configuration tabadd a configuration and name it to Drawing The number of screw should be updated to 2 19 Click Window, C3.

Create another hole body for ejector and spring as below by creating a 7. Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial 1.

For cutting punch, a good practice is to have main punch part document have the same name as the containing folder. Repeat last step to rename R Rename it to DS Use the same technique to assign Tutorila Library to the plates. Click Exit Sketch of the confirmation corner to finish 2.

Create rectangular PRL assembly 1.

The next step is to modify the punch with shear to reduce cutting force Cutting punch customization Topics covered: